Kneel Before Pod – DC TV Crossover


The latest edition of Kneel Before Pod brought together me (Craig) and Chris to talk about the recent TV crossover event that brought together The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to take on invading aliens. It was exciting to see how these characters would work together in a sprawling story that takes…

Arrow – Season 5 Episode 9


“What We Leave Behind” Arrow returns to the Prometheus story as his attack on Team Arrow escalates in a significant way. There’s a meme going around questioning if season 6 of Arrow will have flashbacks from season 1. This episode shows that this is almost a possibility but also that it can work really well….

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Season 3 Episode 8

Agents of SHIELD

“The Laws of Inferno Dynamics” Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD brings Robbie’s conflict with Eli to a head as Aida’s true nature becomes much clearer. Robbie’s quest for vengeance has been the driving force of the opening arc of this season and it has been handled really well. Gabriel Luna has been great as Robbie Reyes…

The Flash – Season 3 Episode 9


“The Present” The Flash moves away from the alien craziness last week and returns to handling its own problems. Revealing that Alchemy is actually Julian under the mask two episodes ago was a really boring and predictable twist that made the world this show inhabits feel hilariously small but this episode does some work to…

The Walking Dead- Season 7 Episode 7

The Walking Dead

“Sing Me A Song” The latest episode of The Walking Dead was a lot better than it has been recently, particularly as they dropped the annoying habit of only telling the story of either one person or a small group of people per episode. We got to see a few more characters in “Sing me…

Bleed for This


Ben Younger’s true life boxing biopic tells the inspiring story of Vinny Pazienza, the man who miraculously recovered from the risk of total paralysis to reclaim his title. Vinny is played by Miles Teller and I found him to be less than engaging overall. I doubt that any of this has to do with Teller’s…

The Edge of Seventeen


A young girl struggles to make it through adolescence in Kelly Fremon Craig’s coming of age story The Edge of Seventeen. Angsty teen dramas are a dime a dozen in today’s entertainment landscape in both TV and film so it can be very difficult for one to stand out. The most interesting thing about this…

Sully: Miracle on the Hudson


Clint Eastwood tells the true life tale of the 2009 passenger airliner miracle water landing that saved all aboard in Sully: Miracle on the Hudson. This is a hard story to put to film because it happened so recently so many people watching will already know the outcome. Building up to the event that might…

Thunderbirds Are Go – Season 2 Episode 8

Thunderbirds Are Go

“Lost Kingdom” Thunderbirds Are Go sends Thunderbird 4 to the lost city of Atlantis when a wayward explorer puts himself in danger. This season really has had a lot of Thunderbird 4 and that is definitely a positive thing for purely selfish reasons. I’ve mentioned many times that Thunderbird 4 is my personal favourite so…

Star Wars Rebels – Season 3 Episode 10

Star Wars Rebels

“An Inside Man” Star Wars Rebels returns to Lothal so that the team can infiltrate an Imperial factory to steal plans for a new weapon. On the surface this plot feels like standard Star Wars stuff. There’s a Star Wars film coming out in a couple of weeks that has this exact premise but this…