Star Trek: Picard – Season 1 Episode 1


“Remembrance” Patrick Stewart’s iconic Jean Luc Picard returns in a brand new adventure picking up decades after the last time he led the franchise. Star Trek: The Next Generation -hereafter referred to as TNG– was my Star Trek. It began airing the month I was born and I grew up gravitating to the characters as…

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 5 Episode 2


“Meet the Legends” DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns with a mockumentary style episode and a taste of what to expect over the coming season. There’s no denying that this show operates on a different level to the other Arrowverse shows with its own unique style that sets it apart in the best possible way. Nothing…

Arrow – Season 8 Episode 9


“Green Arrow and the Canaries” Arrow spends its first post crossover episode laying the groundwork for an upcoming spin-off focused on Mia, Laurel and Dinah picking up Oliver’s crusade to keep the city safe. Backdoor pilots are a strange beast in television. It’s an episode of a show designed to set up a different one….

Supergirl – Season 5 Episode 10


“The Bottle Episode” Supergirl explores the new world that the characters now inhabit as they all try to find their place within it. “Crisis on Infinite Earths” ended with a monumental shift for the Arrowverse as we know it. All of the currently running CW DC shows are now set in the same universe and…

Batwoman – Season 1 Episode 10


“How Queer Everything Is Today” Batwoman continues to explore the concept of identity when Kate is once again grapples with the sacrifices that come with living a double life. The major unique selling point Batwoman offers is its take on the superhero double identity trope. Most costumed heroes are motivated by not allowing people to…

Doctor Who – Season 12 Episode 4

Doctor Who

“Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror” Doctor Who visits the early 20th century where an alien threat targets renowned inventor, Nikola Tesla. Historical celebrities getting involved in alien plots is among the bread and butter of Doctor Who. The idea dates back to the very early days of the show when its purpose was to educate…

Supernatural – Season 15 Episode 9


“The Trap” Supernatural returns from hiatus with Sam and Eileen confronting Chuck while Sam heads to Purgatory with Castiel to find the Leviathan Blossom that will hopefully help trap Chuck and save their universe. I’ve dropped the ball a bit on my reviews of this show because of real life majorly getting in the way…

Crisis on Infinite Earths – Episodes 4 & 5


Crisis on Infinite Earths delivers a double feature for its conclusion starting with the Paragons trying to figure out a way to restore all that has been lost. Annoyingly, The CW opted to air the finale of this landmark crossover event on the same night which causes significant headaches for this reviewer. I’ve decided to…

Doctor Who – Season 12 Episode 3

Doctor Who

“Orphan 55” Doctor Who further reminds The Doctor that having a relaxing holiday is impossible when and idyllic resort comes under attack from vicious aliens. It should be clear by now that relaxation is an alien concept to The Doctor. Every time an attempt is made to have some down time disaster inevitably strikes. This…



Jay Roach’s Bombshell details the circumstances that led to the departure of Fox News head Roger Ailes from the perspective of a group of women who come forward about his many counts of sexual harassment. The “Me Too” movement is in full swing at the moment with those who have been put in horrible positions…