Containment – Season 1 Episode 10


“A Time to Be Born…” Oh my god, what the hell. A time to be born indeed. This episode Teresa finally goes into labour. Separated from Xander, who is still under quarantine, she must rely on Jana & co. to help her. Jumping to Katie who is also in quarantine, we see her come to…


EIFF 2016

Various directors, writers and actors come together to deliver Holidays; a horror anthology that covers Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I had to think for a while about how to review this as it’s technically 8 short films rather than 1 single film so…

My Name is Emily

EIFF 2016

A young woman sets out on a journey to reunite with her father while learning some important life lessons in Simon Fitzmaurice’s My Name is Emily. Emily (Evanna Lynch) is almost immediately seen to be a really complex character who looks at life in interesting ways. This is clearly attributed to the influence of her…

American Hero

EIFF 2016

A New Orleans resident with the power to move things with his mind tries to get his life back on track so that he can see his son again in Nick Love’s American Hero. This is a really interesting film as it comes very close to being great but keeping falling just shy of the…

Mojin – The Lost Legend

EIFF 2016

Wuershan’s Mojin – The Lost Legend has been dubbed as “The Chinese Tomb Raider” by some and it’s easy to see why since it is about a group of globe trotting adventurers seeking treasure. It sounds like a great idea and Chinese cinema is known for being visually arresting so the ingredients were all here…

Mr Right

EIFF 2016

If, at the beginning of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, you’d told me my favourite celluloid presentation would be a movie about a dancing assassin and the lovably crazy woman that falls for him, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have called the folks in white coats to come see you, but here we are with…

Jet Trash Press Junket

EIFF 2016

I had the opportunity to interview several people involved with the film Jet Trash. In attendance were actors Osy Ikhile and Robert Sheehan as well as director Charlie Belleville and producer Andy Brunskill. Each of them were kind enough to give me their time and talk openly about the film. There are plenty of good…

Round Table with Clancy Brown

EIFF 2016

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with Clancy Brown in a round table scenario. He was attending the 70th Edinburgh International Film Festival to promote the 4K restoration of Highlander. He did a Q&A at the screening, attended a Ceilidh and generally enjoyed being back in Scotland after being away for so long….

Preacher – Season 1 Episode 5


“South Will Rise Again” Another week in Annville and we’re beginning to be presented with some answers about the life and times of eponymous Preacher, Jesse Custer.  But as we’ve come to learn, with this show these sorts of revelations don’t come without many more mysterious and tantalising plot points being dangled in front of…

Round Table with Kevin and Harley Quinn Smith

EIFF 2016

Recently I had the opportunity to join in a round table with Kevin Smith and his daughter Harley Quinn Smith. I was fortunate enough to be one of the few who managed to get a question in. In the round table Kevin’s career as well as his current film Yoga Hosers was discussed among many…