The Flash – Season 5 Episode 17


“Time Bomb” The Flash focuses on the threat Cicada 2.0 represents and secrets continue to cause problems for the team. The introduction of the adult Grace as a new Cicada last week was really effective in terms of how it was executed. She immediately came across as a formidable threat to Team Flash even if…

Supergirl – Season 4 Episode 15


“O Brother, Where Art Thou” Supergirl introduces Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor as J’Onn continues his relentless pursuit of Manchester Black. I’ve talked at length about how problematic the Manchester Black plot is. My main issue with it is how flimsy his motivation is and how little the writers seem to care about making this work….

Supernatural – Season 14 Episode 15


“Peace of Mind” Supernatural picks up the pieces from the devastation at the end of the previous episode and explores the consequences for the characters. Last week ended with both death and rebirth. Maggie and the other Hunters were brutally killed at the hands of Michael just before Jack killed him and regained his own…

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 2 Episode 9


“Project Daedalus” Star Trek: Discovery takes the crew to Section 31 headquarters and pushes the corrupted Airiam plot to the front. This show has an interesting approach to characters in the context of the Star Trek franchise. Previous entries have focused on the bridge crew with each of them having a defined role on the…

Supernatural – Season 14 Episode 14


“Ouroboros” Supernatural returns from a hiatus and settles the audience in with what appears to be a fairly standard hunt on the surface but goes off in a surprising direction. Fans of this show know the routine when it comes to a hunt by now so this episode largely skips the preliminary stages of it…

The Flash – Season 5 Episode 16


“Failure is an Orphan” The Flash has the team gear up for the final confrontation with Cicaca now that the Metahuman cure is ready to be used. It’s unfortunate that we just have to accept that the ethical debate around the Metahuman cure isn’t ever going to explored to the fullest extent of its potential….

Arrow – Season 7 Episode 15


“Training Day” Arrow deals with the teething problems associated with the entirety of the team coming to work with the SCPD causing friction between the two groups. In theory there’s a lot of interesting plot that can be mined from the prospect of a team of vigilantes having to suddenly operate within the confines of…

Supergirl – Season 4 Episode 14


“Stand and Deliver” Supergirl explores how powerful public opinion and peaceful protest can be in bringing about change during times of great societal tension. The anti-alien arc this season has been a really interesting problem for Kara to deal with as it means there isn’t an end of level boss to defeat in order to…

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 2 Episode 8


“If Memory Serves” Star Trek: Discovery revisits the first aliens ever encountered in the franchise when Michael takes Spock to Talos IV in an effort to heal his fractured mind. Nostalgia is really big these days. Hardly a day goes by without some project being greenlit with the intension of capitalising on nostalgia in order…