Hello all and welcome to my blog. This is just a bit of an introduction post to let you all know what this is all about.
I used to have a blog many moons ago that I sort of abandoned (it’s now been deleted) and I’ve been toying with the idea of picking it back up again for quite some time, here’s me giving that a try. The thing I lacked before was direction or consistency so I’m going into this one with a bit more of a plan. Basically I’m going to talk about a wide range of topics that interest me and therefore try to have something here for pretty much everyone.
Watching films is a massive passion of mine, I go to the cinema multiple times a week and see most things so naturally I have a lot to say about them. What I aim to do every week is outline every film I’ve seen at the cinema with a brief review of what I thought, if I have a lot to say about one or more one way or another I’ll put a separate, more comprehensive review. Another thing that will happen now and again is a random review of an older film that I like or hate just because I feel like covering it. I will also still be periodically reviewing films over on my friend Adam’s website www.seensome.com. If you haven’t checked that website out already then please do, it has a lot of great content on there.
TV Shows
I spend a lot of time watching various TV shows and will try to adopt a format similar to the film one described above. I won’t be able to talk about every show I watch in a given week but I’ll definitely talk about a few of them. This is probably the worst possible time to be starting this given that many shows are nearing their season finales but there’ll certainly be a few weeks of ample content.
Every week I read a few comic books, I’m mostly of the marvel persuasion. I do like DC and occasionally read comics published by other studios but that is quite rare. If I had infinite money I would buy more DC titles but for now it’ll mostly be Marvel. I’ll do the same for this as I plan to do for films and TV shows but for some comics there won’t be much in the way of consistency, I have been known to try one for a week or two and then stop buying it because it isn’t grabbing me in a way that I’d like it to. There should be consistency with things like Spider-Man but other than that I can’t guarantee I’ll be talking about the same comics every week, fortnight or month depending on the release schedule.
Video Games
Playing video games is also something I enjoy doing, it does take me an age to power through one sometimes so I imagine talking about them will be a bit rarer than some of the other content. If I have stuff to say about a video game I will cover it. I will only be covering PS3, PS4 with maybe a little bit of Wii and 3DS because those are the systems I have.
Other than the areas mentioned above I will put up posts covering my thoughts on recent entertainment news stories that interest me. Also, if there’s anything that people would like me to write about then please let me know and I’ll look into it. I won’t cover any big issues like religion or politics, I’m only doing this for a bit of fun.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned.