The Cloverfield Paradox


Netflix surprises viewers with a new entry in the mysterious Cloverfield franchise with Julius Onah’s outer space thriller The Cloverfield Paradox. I’d happily go on record saying that I really like the Cloverfield franchise. Before this entry it consisted of two movies that don’t seem to connect to each other unless you read lots of…

The Shape of Water


Guillermo Del Toro delivers an unconventional love story between a mute and a mysterious sea creature in The Shape of Water. This film immediately stands out as being somewhat daring because it has a mute protagonist. There’s a skill to presenting a character who never says a word and making them engaging to a wide audience….

The Commuter


An insurance salesman is dragged into a criminal conspiracy on his usual train home in Jaume Collet-Serra’s The Commuter. Liam Neeson has carved out a niche as an older action hero since 2008’s Taken. He has been in a variety of action movies that have varied in quality since and this outing is reportedly the…



Alexander Payne’s Downsizing offers an innovative sci-fi solution to the global overpopulation problem by shrinking Humans to around 5 inches tall. A high concept idea like this should be right up my alley. I love exploring real world issues through a science fiction lens and the idea of shrinking Earth’s population so that they take up…



A young aspiring musician unwittingly enters the Land of the Dead and gains a wider perspective on the importance of family in Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina’s Coco. Pixar are often among the best at bringing raw and honest emotion to an animated feature. Inside Out is one such example of this but much of…

Darkest Hour


Joe Wright’s Darkest Hour tells the story of Winston Churchill’s early days as Prime Minister and the decision he made that continues the Second World War. Winston Churchill seems to be a popular figure to adapt at the moment with his portrayal by John Lithgow in The Crown and Brian Cox bringing his own particular…

All the Money in the World


Ridley Scott tells the true life tail of the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III and the drama that ensued when a ransom demand was issues to his billionaire grandfather in All the Money in the World. I’ll start by addressing the production issues that this film had. Ridley Scott was under a tight deadline when…

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


A grieving mother openly challenges the local authorities for failing to solve her daughter’s murder by using billboards to make her feelings clear in Martin McDonagh’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. This film’s theme can simply be summed up as “life is unfair”. It forms the basis of the various character stories here and comes…

Molly’s Game


Aaron Sorkin takes his first seat in the director’s chair with the high stakes poker themed crime thriller Molly’s Game. The main thing Aaron Sorkin has become known for over the years is the way he writes his dialogue. This was made famous by the TV show The West Wing and was at the root…

The Greatest Showman


Hugh Jackman dusts off his vocal chords in the romanticised story of P.T. Barnum in Michael Gracey’s The Greatest Showman. Before I really begin the review let’s address the Elephant in the room. P.T. Barnum is absolutely a historically controversial figure so crafting a story around him where he serves as the hero is arguably…