Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin

An adult Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) is encouraged to recapture his sense of fun and adventure when he reunites with his childhood friend in Marc Forster’s Christopher Robin. The basic structure of this film will be familiar to many people. On the surface it’s the same story as Hook; a film that also features one…

The Meg


A prehistoric shark thought to be long extinct finds its way to the civilised world and threatens to cause untold devastation in Jon Turteltaub’s The Meg. I’m a sucker for a monster movie. If there’s a giant creature terrorising people then there’s a good chance I’ll be interested. Based on the marketing The Meg looked like it would…

Kneel Before Pod – In Search of Orange Slices


Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp has finally made its way to UK cinemas so Kneel Before Pod is bringing the usual Marvel Cinematic Universe coverage in the form of an in depth discussion. Craig and Andrew get together to discuss size changing car chases, de ageing CGI tech and the culinary potential of the Quantum…

“A Joke” Cast Interview

A Joke

Craig recently had the chance to talk to Robert Picardo, Sylvester McCoy and John Bett about their comedy stage play A Joke. The play focuses on 3 men who think that they are the components of a joke and try to figure out what makes something funny while exploring all the possibilities. It’s a very…

The 100 – Season 5 Episode 13

The 100

“Damocles Part 2” The 100 closes out its fifth season with the resolution to the conflict between Wonkru and the prisoners while setting the stage for next season. This season has had a very limited narrative focus when compared to previous seasons. Octavia has been the central character and the season has been building to…

Ant-Man and the Wasp


Paul Rudd’s size changing superhero returns in an adventure that needs a partner in Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. The first Ant-Man was a lot of fun and managed to subvert the common superhero blockbuster tropes to a certain degree in a really entertaining way. A big part of its success was the tongue…

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – Season 1 Episode 10

Cloak & Dagger

“Colony Collapse” Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger closes out its first season with the fulfilment of a prophecy and some superhero team-up action. The previous episode left Tandy and Tyrone in really intense situations that manage to feed into their individual arcs for the season. Tandy has always been conflicted between wanting to help others and…

The 100 – Season 5 Episode 12

The 100

“Damocles Part 1” The 100 begins to wrap up its fifth season with the Wonkru attack on Shallow Valley led by Octavia and some pays off some of the animosity that has been building all season. Octavia has undoubtedly been the focus of this season with the plot moving forward because of decisions she makes…

Mission: Impossible – Fallout


The agents of the Impossible Mission Force are tasked with saving the world from total destruction once again in Christopher McQuarrie’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout. The Mission: Impossible franchise is arguably just an excuse for Tom Cruise to find new ways to put himself in mortal danger for the sake of an impressive action sequence….

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – Season 1 Episode 9

Cloak & Dagger

“Back Breaker” Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger explores the idea of regression after suffering a major setback in life as Tandy and Tyrone both deal with unplanned obstacles in the way of them gaining closure on their personal tragedies. To an extent Evita is the lens used to explore this idea. The episode returns to a…