The Flash – Season 4 Episode 13


“True Colours” The Flash deals with Barry’s change in prison accommodation as the DeVoes make their presence felt once again. Barry’s incarceration has been both interesting and rife with wasted opportunities. It has been useful for the rest of Team Flash as it has provided a much needed opportunity to show what they are capable…

Lucifer – Season 3 Episode 14


“My Brother’s Keeper” Lucifer explores the concept of brotherhood and the dangers of family loyalty when various characters find their brothers to be disappointing. Taking the limelight this week is the sometimes neglected Ella. She’s around in most episodes and her contribution is always entertaining but she is rarely in the meat of the story….

Supergirl – Season 3 Episode 13


“Both Sides Now” Supergirl introduces another World Killer and deals with lingering relationship dynamics as it breaks for a long hiatus. Season long villains have a strong chance of running out of steam very quickly as has been proven in the other DC shows so steps have to be taken in order to make allowances…

The Cloverfield Paradox


Netflix surprises viewers with a new entry in the mysterious Cloverfield franchise with Julius Onah’s outer space thriller The Cloverfield Paradox. I’d happily go on record saying that I really like the Cloverfield franchise. Before this entry it consisted of two movies that don’t seem to connect to each other unless you read lots of…

Star Trek Discovery – Season 1 Episode 14


“The War Without, The War Within” Star Trek: Discovery resumes the Klingon War arc while dealing with the fallout of the drama caused by recent events. Putting the Klingon War on hold while the Discovery goes on a jaunt to the Mirror Universe seems like an odd decision on the surface but when considering that…

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Season 5 Episode 10


“Past Life” Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has the team race against time in preparation for their return to the present day as Kasius accelerates his efforts to stop them. It feels like the right time for the future/outer space arc to end. Enough time has been spent building the setting, exploring the bleakness and establishing…

Supernatural – Season 13 Episode 12


“Various and Sundry Villains” Supernatural brings back a character believed dead as the Winchesters deal with a pair of mischievous Witches. Readers of this website will know that I’m not exactly a fan of Rowena. When she appeared to die in last season’s finale the rational part of me knew that she wouldn’t be killed…

Arrow – Season 6 Episode 12


“All For Nothing” Arrow explores the question of Vince’s loyalty as Cayden James’ stranglehold on Star City makes the overall situation more urgent for the two vigilante teams. Last week treated Vince as a risk. Trusting him to deliver accurate information and not lead either team into a trap had a lot of danger attached…

The Shape of Water


Guillermo Del Toro delivers an unconventional love story between a mute and a mysterious sea creature in The Shape of Water. This film immediately stands out as being somewhat daring because it has a mute protagonist. There’s a skill to presenting a character who never says a word and making them engaging to a wide audience….

Black Lightning – Season 1 Episode 3

Black Lightning

“LaWanda: The Book of Burial” Black Lightning continues to explore the consequences of Jeff’s return to the life of a costumed crime fighter and the people’s reaction to the gang violence. It should be clear by now that this is a very different show to the other shows based on DC heroes on the CW….