Interview with Chris “Doc” Wyatt


A while ago, Craig had the opportunity to talk to Chris “Doc” Wyatt; a writer and producer on many animated TV shows. The conversation covered his early career, how to write for pre-school age children, writing for different versions of well known comic characters, creating a property from the ground up and his graphic novel….

Kneel Before Pod – Everyone Gets a Pony (153)


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow recently completed its fifth season which prompted a conversation on Kneel Before Pod. The team discusses typical lunacy, the merits of free will and how drunk you’d have to be to not notice someone being abducted by aliens right in front of you. Craig can be found on this very site,…

Kneel Before Pod – What Would Batman Do? (151)


Batwoman recently completed its first season so Kneel Before Pod is almost legally obligated to add it to the standard rota of Arrowverse conversations. This episode discusses casting troubles, LGBT representation in superhero media and more love triangles than we would ever need. Craig can be found on this very site and Andrew’s work can…

Kneel Before Pod – The Most Improved Award (150)


The Flash recently almost completed its sixth season so Kneel Before Pod put together a team to give the show its annual critique. The discussion covers improvements, circumstantially shortened seasons, the changing face of the Arrowverse and relationship issues. Craig can be found on this very site and Andrew’s work can be found on the…