Kneel Before Pod – Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves (246)


After months of adventuring, a brave party returns from seeing Honor Among Thieves to discuss the film – but with a twist, as their own dungeon adventure is captured here: classes show off their skills, D20s are rolled and one party member reveals his willingness to sell his soul for early access and swag, all on the way to defeating the most-heinous of all villains in the realms of storytelling (in the Dungeon Master’s opinion at least).

On their way to victory, they also discuss story that has heart, a potentially-successful application of current gender politics and their collective delight at finding a good fantasy film among the wilderness of today’s offerings – oh, and a film adaptation of a game that actually works…? Madness!

Kneel Before Pod – The Flash – A Flashpoint Retrospective (241)


The Flash is finally out in cinemas but it isn’t the first time the comic book “Flashpoint” story has been adapted. The first was a 2013 animated movie called Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and the second was an episode of The Flash TV show titled “Flashpoint”. We look back on these two previous attempts to adapt this story and speculate about the film. Did we get it right? Listen and find out.