DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 4 Episode 9


“Lucha de Apuestas” DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns from a long hiatus with an unconventional love story and a visit to 1961 Mexico City to take in the wrestling culture. Mona has been a great addition to the cast. In many ways she embodies the values that we should all aspire to as she takes…

Supergirl – Season 4 Episode 17


“All About Eve” Supergirl picks up the pieces from Lex’ escape with the characters looking to focus on the weak link in his organisation in the hope of tracking him down. The weak link in Lex’ organisation is immediately identified as Eve. It’s unclear what makes her more exploitable than any other part of his…

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 4 Episode 8


“Legends of To-Meow-Meow” DC’s Legends of Tomorrow picks up right where the previous episode left off with a broken timeline resulting in some hilarious changes for the characters. I’ve said this on repeated occasions but I continue to be both impressed and baffled by the confidence in which this show throws insanity at the audience…

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 2 Episode 11


“Perpetual Infinity” Star Trek: Discovery deals with the reveal of the Red Angel’s identity from last week while reiterating the threat to all sentient life in the galaxy. Ending the previous episode with the reveal that the Red Angel is Burnham’s mother wasn’t an entirely unexpected shock given how the episode approached building up to…

Arrow – Season 7 Episode 16

“Star City 2040” Arrow devotes an episode to the future timeline to explore Mia in a more detailed way as the deadline to save the city approaches. This show is nothing if not formulaic. Every season that has featured ongoing stories from a different time period has taken a full episode to further that plot…

Supergirl – Season 4 Episode 16

“The House of L” Supergirl devotes an episode to Lex and the Kara duplicate created at the end of last season and teased throughout this one. The Kasnian Kara plot has received such limited focus this season that I thought the writers had largely forgotten about it. It came across as a relic of a…

Supernatural – Season 14 Episode 16


“Don’t Go In the Woods” Supernatural introduces a brand new monster and lets Jack hang around with people close to his physical age. There isn’t a lot to say about the Sam and Dean portion of the story. All in all it’s a fairly serviceable monster hunt narrative that the writers can probably pull off…

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 2 Episode 10


“The Red Angel” Star Trek: Discovery reveals the identity of the Red Angel and tackles various emotionally driven plots that are both linked and entirely separate. The previous episode did a really good job quickly developing a background character so that her death would be meaningful when it happened at the end of the episode….

The Flash – Season 5 Episode 17


“Time Bomb” The Flash focuses on the threat Cicada 2.0 represents and secrets continue to cause problems for the team. The introduction of the adult Grace as a new Cicada last week was really effective in terms of how it was executed. She immediately came across as a formidable threat to Team Flash even if…

Supergirl – Season 4 Episode 15


“O Brother, Where Art Thou” Supergirl introduces Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor as J’Onn continues his relentless pursuit of Manchester Black. I’ve talked at length about how problematic the Manchester Black plot is. My main issue with it is how flimsy his motivation is and how little the writers seem to care about making this work….