Shadowland Interviews


A friend of the site made a film that has now been released so Kneel Before Pod had to do interviews. Craig took the time to chat with writer/director and friend Simon Kay as well as actors Ben Keenan and Vivien Taylor. They discuss how cold filming outside in Scotland is, their careers and life…

Interview with Greg Weisman (Part 1)


A while ago, Craig had the opportunity to talk to Greg Weisman, creator of Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice as well as contributing to a plethora of animated TV shows The first part of this two part interview covered his early career in animation, the steps taken in creating Gargoyles, his approach to time…

Interview with Chris “Doc” Wyatt


A while ago, Craig had the opportunity to talk to Chris “Doc” Wyatt; a writer and producer on many animated TV shows. The conversation covered his early career, how to write for pre-school age children, writing for different versions of well known comic characters, creating a property from the ground up and his graphic novel….

Interview with Krypton’s Shaun Sipos


Recently Craig got the chance to talk to Krypton star Shaun Sipos. They discuss the recently announced cancellation, his career in general, being the first actor to embody Adam Strange and some character quirks you might not have picked up on while watching. Bear in mind the audio is spotty in places because Skype is…

Robert the Bruce Interviews


Recently as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival Craig was able to sit down with the director and cast of Robert the Bruce. The conversation included director Richard Gray as well as starts Angus MacFadyen, Zach McGowan and Anna Hutchison. The discussion covered cold weather filming, themes being explored, how ideals are interpreted along…