Kneel Before Pod – Interview with The Burning Season Cast and Crew

Burning Season

Recently, Craig had the opportunity to talk to writer/actor Jonas Chernick, actor Sara Canning, actor Christian Meer and director Sean Garrity about their new film The Burning Season which recently enjoyed its international premiere at the 2024 Glasgow Film Festival. The conversation covers writing and playing potentially unlikeable characters, telling a story in reverse and the joy of filming outdoors.

Kneel Before Pod – Interview with Jim Krieg, Jeff Wamester and Butch Lukic


Recently, Craig had the pleasure of talking to Jim Krieg, Jeff Wamester and Butch Lukic; writer, director and supervising producer respectively on the latest DC animated movie Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 1. The conversation covers their approach to adapting a massive event, finding the emotional core and teases for the remaining two parts.