Krypton – Season 2 Episode 6


“In Zod We Trust” Krypton slows things down to concentrate on how the various characters process their grief in the wake of Lyta’s death in the previous episode. I’m far from convinced that Lyta’s death is permanent but it doesn’t matter at this stage as everyone believes that she is so the episode becomes about…

iZombie – Season 5 Episode 10


“Night and the Zombie City” iZombie delivers a take on a detective noir plot when Liv consumes the brain of a trench coat wearing private detective. Fans of the website may be wondering where my reviews of episodes 6 through 9 are. The answer to that is real life got in the way and I…

The 100 – Season 6 Episode 10

The 100

“Matryoshka” The 100 continues develop the conflict that exists between Wonkru and the Primes as desperation fully asserts itself on both sides. Clarke and Josephine are the most obvious representation of that conflict. They are two vastly different entities fighting to share the same space. This is the same basic conflict that exists between Wonkru…

Krypton – Season 2 Episode 5


“A Better Yesterday” Krypton escalates the conflict between Val’s resistance and Zod’s regime through exploring what War turns people into. One of the main key figures in terms of the progression of this Civil War is Jax-Ur; she has concluded that becoming as uncompromising as the ones they fight again is the only way to…

Krypton – Season 2 Episode 4


“Danger Close” Krypton deals with how Seg reacts to all of the changes to his homeworld as Val’s resistance movement tries to gain ground from Zod. Even though he was only away for three episodes, Seg’s return to Krypton was eagerly anticipated because of his connection to the characters involved in the major plot developments…

The 100 – Season 6 Episode 9

The 100

“What You Take With You” The 100 explores the concept of moving forward while recognising the mistakes of the past through Kane and Octavia’s challenges as the various plots start to converge. This season has been all about morality in one form or another whether it’s the ethical implications of transferring consciousness into other bodies…

Krypton – Season 2 Episode 3


“Will to Power” Krypton focuses on Seg’s internal struggle with Brainiac as Val’s resistance movement prepares for definitive action against Zod’s regime. It was inevitable that having Brainiac inside Seg’s head would lead to an internal battle for control between the two. This sort of thing is very common in science fiction stories; The 100 delivered…

The 100 – Season 6 Episode 8

The 100

“The Old Man and the Anomaly” The 100 further develops Octavia and Diyoza’s plot while considering the problem of Clarke being trapped inside her body by Josephine. Octavia and Diyoza’s plot has been an interesting contradiction. On one hand it’s an excellent pairing that is watchable on its own but on the other it suffers…

Krypton – Season 2 Episode 2


“Ghost in the Fire” Krypton delivers a proper introduction for Lobo as Lyta struggles to deal with Seg’s absence in really damaging ways. Lobo’s appearance in the previous episode was brief but memorable. This episode is the first proper showcase for what the character can bring to the table and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Emmett…

The 100 – Season 6 Episode 7

The 100

“Nevermind” The 100 takes a trip inside Clarke’s mind and has her battle against Josephine for dominance of her own body. An episode like this was inevitable from the moment Josephine woke up in Clarke’s body. It’s common for science fiction shows to have an episode that takes place within the mind of a character….