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Jun 28, 2016 | Posted by in 2016, EIFF
EIFF 2016

Jet Trash

Jet Trash red carpet, photo courtesy of Cat Morley of

I had the opportunity to interview several people involved with the film Jet Trash. In attendance were actors Osy Ikhile and Robert Sheehan as well as director Charlie Belleville and producer Andy Brunskill.

Each of them were kind enough to give me their time and talk openly about the film. There are plenty of good anecdotes about drugged cows and other general silliness that went on in the making of the film.

Jet Trash had its world premier in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival which was a real treat for director Charlie Belleville as he got to bring his work home and show it in his home city. There isn’t much else to say beyond what it said in the various interviews so I hope you enjoy.

My interview with Osy comes first followed by the Charlie and Andy coming in at 07:10 and Robert Sheehan closes it off starting at 21:55. They all had plenty to say so I was more than happy to talk to them.

I’ve attached photos of me with Robert and Osy below:

Jet Trash

Me and Robert Sheehan

Jet Trash

Me and Osy