Kneel Before Pod – Dead in a Week (Or Your Money Back) interviews

Jun 30, 2018 | Posted by in 2018, EIFF, Interviews

Dead in a Week (Or Your Money Back) is one of the celebrated films brought to the 2018 Edinburgh International Film Festival. Craig had the opportunity to sit down and talk to actor Freya Mavor who plays Ellie in the film and director Tom Edmunds. They discuss the process of making the film, what working with Tom Wilkinson was like and Tom shares a great anecdote about a dead body.

We’d like to wish Tom and Freya along with everyone else involved with the film the best of luck in finding a distributor and getting it released so that a wider audience can see it. It deserves to be seen and it’s very much appreciated that Tom and Freya took the time to come on and discuss it.

Show Notes

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