Interview with John Semper Jr.

Jun 8, 2016 | Posted by in Interviews

Spider-ManRecently I managed to make my inner child very happy by scoring an interview with the man behind the 90s animated series simply called Spider-Man. As I pointed out repeatedly in my article celebrating my top 12 episodes of the show I was -and still am- a huge fan of this series so having the opportunity to pick the brain of the man who brought this to life was a great experience for me.

John is in the midst of an Indiegogo Campaign to fund a new project of his named War of the Rocketmen, we talk about it during the interview and I would urge you to donate to make this possible. There are only a few days left at time of writing so if you hurry then we can see this thing get made.

Donations earn you lots of great perks, not least of which is the lost episode of Spider-Man where fans can finally learn if Peter managed to reunite with Mary Jane. A teaser for this has been embedded below featuring the voices of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man himself (Christopher Daniel Barnes and his lady love Mary Jane (Saratoga Ballatine). You can find lots of great promos from other members of the cast on John’s YouTube channel.

That’s not the only place you can find out more from John. He runs facebook pages for both Spider-Man and War of the Rocketmen where he shares artwork and stories that fans may find interesting. Don’t let this text tell you everything, check out the interview and enjoy a long conversation with an interesting man. While you’re there feel free to follow the site on twitter and facebook for more updates