EIFF 2014 – The Infinite Man

Jul 6, 2014 | Posted by in Edi Int Film Festival, Movies

The Infinite Man is the story of a man named Dean (Josh McConville) who is obsessed with putting together the perfect romantic weekend for his girlfriend Lana (Hannah Marshall) to celebrate their anniversary. Things go a bit wrong when his desire for perfection causes them to be stuck in an infinite time loop that gets more complicated as the film progresses.

This film isn’t so concerned with the science of the time travel and just expects the audience to readily accept that it’s possible from the beginning which is fine by me. Time travel is used beautifully in this story which takes place in one location -for most of it- and features only three characters, albeit many versions of them.

As with all time travel movies, it rises and falls on whether it sticks to the rules it establishes for itself and for me this absolutely did, I have only seen it once but I’m struggling to pick out a point where the rules aren’t consistent. The basic usage is that the future versions that Dean and Lana meet are who they will eventually become leading the audience to see a repeat of that scene later on but from a different perspective and the context of how it came about. It’s a really cleverly done and very difficult to wrap your brain around what’s going on and when things are happening -relatively speaking.

As the story continues the events get more and more confusing and the film draws attention to how ridiculous everything has become on several occasions, the frustration of the characters echoing the implied frustration of the audience watching as they try to piece this all together in their minds, someday it’ll be worth watching this film with a pen and paper to figure out the chronological order of it all.
Josh McConville and Hannah Marshall are excellent as Dean and Lana with a very natural chemistry that makes them seem like a real couple and their presence really helps to ground the fantastical elements of the narrative to keep it a very human story. Lana’s ex-boyfriend Terry (Alex Dimitriades) isn’t in the film much but the character is used well when he is. I found his presence really funny.

The Infinite Man
  • 9/10
    Overall Score - 9/10


Overall, this was a great movie. It kept the complicated story presented in a simple way so that the audience could keep up and nicely plays up the confusion for laughs to show that none of it should be taken seriously. Definitely worth a watch if time travel is your thing.