Supernatural – Season 15 Episode 14


“Last Holiday” Supernatural returns from a very long hiatus with a light hearted episode to ease viewers back in after such a long absence. It’s been a long time since new Supernatural was on the air and an even longer time since I last reviewed it. Life circumstances got in the way of me keeping…

Grief and the Multiverse


Grief is a very complex and powerful experience. Anyone who has experienced significant loss will know what I mean by this. It’s something that takes hold and never really lets go though it does get alternately easy and difficult to deal with depending on an infinite number of factors. The best analogy I found to…

The 100 – Season 7 Episode 16

The 100

“The Last War” The 100 delivers its last ever episode with a test for the Human Race over whether they’re worthy of transcending to another plane of existence. Endings are hard. The writers of this show had the unenviable task of crafting a final season that offers closure on the characters, resolves lingering plot threads…

The 100 – Season 7 Episode 15

The 100

“The Dying of the Light” The 100 focuses on the need to rescue Madi and the aftermath of the explosion featured in the previous episode. I’ve come to accept that the ending of this show most likely won’t be a satisfying one because of the rapidly diminishing quality that has come to define this season….

The 100 – Season 7 Episode 14

The 100

“A Sort of Homecoming” The 100 returns to familiar surroundings and has the characters consider what they want to call home. If the final season of The 100 were to be defined by one thing it would be wasted time. Despite the dwindling episode count the writers seem oddly content to waste time haphazardly exploring…

The 100 – Season 7 Episode 13

The 100

“Blood Giant” The 100 returns from another hiatus and reunites much of the cast in a single location while addressing the various plot threads at play. For some of the runtime of this episode there was an old school The 100 vibe to it in terms of it being a frenetic crisis that was challenging…

Superman: Man of Tomorrow


Chris Palmer’s Superman: Man of Tomorrow takes the Man of Steel right back to the beginning for a fresh take on his origin. Adapting a character that has been around for as long as Superman has and finding a different approach to telling the story of what led to him becoming the iconic hero is…



DISCLAIMER This film was viewed in a cinema and this review should in no way be taken as an endorsement of returning. The author of this review is based in Scotland where there are extensive distancing measures in place and the cinema is an activity that is considered relatively safe as long as restrictions are…