Kneel Before Pod – 100th Podcast Spectacular

Dec 2, 2018 | Posted by in Podcasts

The podcast has reached the massive milestone of 100 episodes -not including interviews or episodes that were split- and as a celebration as many people as possible got together in the same room to record a celebration of everything that we’ve done up to this point. Some of it was live on facebook back in August as a tease of what content was to come and now the entirety of the recording is ready to share with the world.

We take audience questions, discuss scenarios posed by celebrity guests, recall our favourite memories, play silly games and dig into what everyone does outside of the podcasts. A big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years the podcast has been in existence and we look forward to whatever the future may bring for us…hopefully a musical episode.

Show Notes

Ice Cream Van Jingles



  • Craig can be found on this very site as well as on many of the podcasts
  • Angus can also be found on this very site as well as being an avid contributor to many of the podcasters
  • Aaron can be found on this very site
  • Natalie can be found on this site or under her own website showcasing her own projects
  • Izaak can also be found on his Monster Adams Presents facebook page where he shares his artwork and comics
  • Chris can also be found on a Sunday between 12 and 3pm GMT live on Black Diamond FM as well as on many of the previous podcasts
  • Kat can also be found on her own websiteYouTube or Twitter
  • Andrew’s work can be found here or on the Starburst website
  • Nick can be found on some earlier podcasts but is primarily known for the Star Trek fan series Intrepid
  • Sandy can be found on his own website showcasing his designs

The attending team

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