Kneel Before Pod – Alien 3 – Sniffing Ripley

Apr 22, 2018 | Posted by in Podcasts

Alien Day has come around again -April 26th or 04/26 for American listeners- so we continue the annual tradition of discussing an entry in the Alien franchise to mark the occasion. Angus takes over hosting duties and brings together his group of survivors/prisoners in the form of Craig and Natalie to discuss the much maligned Alien 3.

The discussion goes on many tangents such as Madonna music videos, identical looking expendable prisoners, if the Death Star has a Zen garden and if any trees exist in the Alien universe. Join the group as they try to find something good to say about this particular film.

Craig, Angus and Natalie can all be found as writers on this very site as well as being avid contributors to many of the podcasts.

Show Notes

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