Kneel Before Pod – ALIENS

Apr 23, 2017 | Posted by in Podcasts

In honour of Alien Day (04/26 according to the way Americans write it) Angus takes over hosting duties and brings together his group of ultimate badasses in the form of Craig, Natalie and Chris to work their way through ALIENS, a film that many consider to be the best sequel of all time.

The discussion went on many tangents such as other sequels, theories about how long Newt was left on her own and the viability of the franchise in general. As always there are lots of laughs and a generally nerdy chat that entertained all who participated.

Craig, Angus and Natalie can all be found as writers on this very site as well as being avid contributors to many of the podcasts.Chris can also be found on a Sunday between 12 and 3pm GMT live on Black Diamond FM.

Show Notes

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