Kneel Before Pod – Dances with Autobots

Jan 9, 2019 | Posted by in Podcasts

The Transformers franchise recently got a cinematic resurgence in the form of Bumblebee; a reboot disguised as a prequel focusing on the yellow Autobot taking on his classic form of a Volkswagen Beetle and being befriended by human girl. Since there are two huge fans of classic Transformers on staff there naturally needed to be a podcast discussing this latest attempt to bring them to the big screen.

Coverage includes 80s nostalgia, relationship building, song choices and why diving was a necessary character trait. The team also answer questions from the audience so listen out if you submitted one to be mulled over.

Craig, Angus, Natalie and Aaron can all be found as writers on this very site as well as being avid contributors to many of the podcasts.

Show Notes

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