Kneel Before Pod – Midseason TV roundup

Jan 22, 2017 | Posted by in Podcasts

With the winter hiatus of television about to end Chris and I (Craig) decided to get together and talk about the shows that we watched. We focused more on the DC TV shows but also talked about other shows that we enjoy.

Show Notes

  • NStens1117 and his music can be found on YouTube by following this link
  • Chris can be heard on a Sunday afternoon 12pm-3pm (GMT) on Black Diamond FM

Part 1

  • Discussion of Supergirl begins almost right away
  • Discussion of The Flash kicks in at 27:59
  • Check out the DC TV crossover podcast here and reviews of the crossover here

Part 2

  • Discussion of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow begins almost right away
  • Dicussion of Arrow begins at 18:30
  • Discussion of other TV begins at 56:50

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