Kneel Before Pod – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Mar 20, 2017 | Posted by in Podcasts
Power Rangers

The 90s pop culture icon Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is about to receive a high budget live action reboot in cinemas everywhere so talking about the show that birthed the franchise is definitely within Kneel Before Pod’s wheelhouse.

Craig, Angus and Natalie got together to discuss several episodes of the show and discuss them at length. Everything is covered from the quality, cultural impact and most importantly of all, how silly they are. Not everyone enjoyed the experience of revisiting it but it did create an interesting chat.  The episodes discussed can be found below:

Craig, Angus and Natalie can all be found as writers on this very site as well as being avid contributors to many of the podcasts.

Power Rangers

The original 6

Show Notes

Power Rangers

The later team!

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Power Rangers

The new guys