Kneel Before Pod – Schrodinger’s Christmas Star (102)

Dec 23, 2018 | Posted by in Podcasts

Christmas is almost upon us so Kneel Before Pod decided to commemorate the festive season by discussing a newcomer to the Christmas movie market. John McPhail’s Anna and the Apocalypse is unique in that it’s a Christmas film that also features a Zombie Apocalypse as well as a fair amount of singing. Sufficed to say, the team absolutely loved it so got together to talk about it in the usual detail. They praise the characterisation of Anna, Ella Hunt’s performance and how well all the elements blend together to make for what amounts to a wholly satisfying experience. Join Craig, Chris and Andrew as they gush about this film like a blood fountain from a decapitated Zombie corpse.

Craig can be found on this very site, Andrew’s work can be found on the Starburst website and in physical magazines that can be found in Newsagents. His interview with Anna and the Apocalypse director John McPhail can be found in the physical magazine. Chris can also be found on a Sunday between 12 and 3pm GMT live on Black Diamond FM as well as on many of the previous podcasts.

Show Notes

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