The Flash – Season 5 Episode 18

“Godspeed” The Flash delivers Nora’s backstory in the aftermath of the team learning about her connection to Eobard Thawne. At the beginning of the episode Team Flash are picking up the pieces of the previous episode and trying to find a way to move forward following finding out that Nora hasn’t been honest with them….

The Flash – Season 5 Episode 17

“Time Bomb” The Flash focuses on the threat Cicada 2.0 represents and secrets continue to cause problems for the team. The introduction of the adult Grace as a new Cicada last week was really effective in terms of how it was executed. She immediately came across as a formidable threat to Team Flash even if…

The Flash – Season 5 Episode 16

“Failure is an Orphan” The Flash has the team gear up for the final confrontation with Cicaca now that the Metahuman cure is ready to be used. It’s unfortunate that we just have to accept that the ethical debate around the Metahuman cure isn’t ever going to explored to the fullest extent of its potential….

The Flash – Season 5 Episode 15

“King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd” The Flash returns from hiatus and delivers a monstrous bout between King Shark and Gorilla Grodd as promised by the episode’s title. I criticise this show a lot but one thing that cannot be denied is the hard work and talent that goes into realising the two main CGI antagonists….

The Flash – Season 5 Episode 14

“Cause and XS” The Flash delivers its own take on a time loop when Nora keeps repeating an hour that always ends up with at least one of the team dying. It’s surprising that it took this show until the second half of its fifth season to deliver a Groundhog Day inspired episode given all…

The Flash – Season 5 Episode 13

“Goldfaced” The Flash explores the criminal underworld when Barry and Ralph pretend to be bad guys to get their hands on tech that could help them stop Cicada. There’s definitely a pattern emerging in episode setups at the moment. Cicada is still a looming threat and there always seems to be a MacGuffin that might…