Stargirl – Season 3 Episode 6

“Chapter Six – The Betrayal” Stargirl cranks up the interpersonal drama as secrets are revealed and characters are left unsure who they can truly trust. With an episode title like this and a recap featuring some of the season’s most dramatic moments, you’d think we’d be in for 40 minutes of high drama. However, like…

Stargirl – Season 2 Episode 6

“Summer School: Chapter Six”

Stargirl takes a huge leap forwards as the current plotline comes to a head, revealing to the heroes what they’re up against, while every one of the new villains demonstrates exactly what they’re capable of.

Stargirl – Season 2 Episode 2

“Summer School: Chapter Two”

Stargirl continues slowly moving forwards with the arrival in Blue Valley of new faces with ties to the past, and suspicion runs rife as to their true reasons for coming to the small town.