Hawkeye – Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2

“Never Meet Your Heroes” and “Hide and Seek”

The Marvel Cinematic universe goes back to one of the original Avengers in Hawkeye; a Christmas set Disney+ TV series where the titular Archer just wants to have a quiet life with his family.

The Founder

John Lee Hancock tells the story of the rise of iconic fast food franchise McDonalds from a single restaurant to multinational behemoth in The Founder. The film follows Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), a salesman always on the lookout for the next big thing. When we meet him he is trying to sell a milkshake mixing…

EIFF 2015 – Welcome to Me

Welcome to Me is a very strange film that in many ways defies description. When Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig) wins $86 million on the lottery she decides to fund a TV show where she gets to explore whatever comes to her mind. It’s a pretty solid idea and provides an interesting twist on the question…