The Team

Kneel Before Blog is more than just one person and has been for some time. Below you will find a list of contributors and a little bit about them.

Craig McKenzie

Administrator by day and blogger by night…also sometimes during the day. Craig will watch anything comic book related to see if he’ll like it before writing endlessly about it. He also watches a wide variety of movies and can often be found at the local cinema taking in the latest releases. Science fiction and fantasy tend to be his bread and butter but most anything will be given a chance to prove itself.

When not buried in a laptop working on the site Craig likes to play video games, occasionally socialise and do a bit of reading. Music peridocally helps him control the raging spirit that dwells within him and he waits for the day that Starfleet Academy is a real career choice. He is also related to the late Mickey Rooney.

Craig is the founder of Kneel Before Blog. He writes about TV and films as well as hosting or appearing on the podcasts.

Aaron Billingham

Aaron is a dancing gamer. He is happiest when reality drops away to be replaced by a good board or role-playing game or a good story, be the latter in a book, on a screen or over YouTube. Fantasy and sci-fi are his genres of choice but he has been sucked into the recent craze for the comic-book worlds on the large and small screens.

When forced to participate in the real world he finds the whole thing a lot more palatable when there’s the chance of a bit of Lindy Hop, though he has been known to dance a little Balboa in the desperate times.

Aaron writes reviews for the site and contributes to the podcasts.

Angus Ballantine

A jack-of-all-trades, Angus has tried his hand at many pursuits, and mastered very few. Writer, sportsman, musician, podcaster – name the field and Angus has given it a valiant attempt. He enjoys his action with humour, his superheroes with irony, and his peanut butter with chocolate.

Angus has long stated that his Mastermind specialist subject would be the Mighty Ducks movies, although his man-child brain also longs for the care-free nostalgia of old school TransFormers cartoons and Teen Wolf.

He maintains custody of a cat called Judd Nelson, can be heard contributing to the podcasts as well as periodically hosting them. He can also be found reviewing TV and the occasional film.

Natalie Lyons-Ballantine

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Graeme Duncan

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Jordan McIntyre

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JP Docherty

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Chris Mackrell

A full time network engineer and part time geek, when not waffling on our podcast Chris is a keen film goer and watcher of too many sci-fi and superhero TV shows and (the cheesier the better)

If you find his podcast interruptions amusing then you can also find him on 107.8 Black Diamond FM across Midlothian & Edinburgh on Sunday lunchtimes where you can hear coverage of local bands and arts events like the Edinburgh Film Festival and the Fringe Festival.

Kat Kourbetti

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Alexander Richardson

In his day job, Alexander is an Onboarding Specialist for a large multinational software company. In his spare time, he works to design everything from airline liveries, company logos to star trek computer graphics, a pastime that has brought him some successes with several clients, including an airline.

When not in front of a computer, you can usually find him costuming at conventions or tinkering with his or a friend’s car. His interests are varied if somewhat eclectic.

Known as “Sandy” to his friends, he makes no attempt to hide that his main interests lie with Science Fiction productions, mainly Star Trek but including many others. He has also helped with several fan productions. But he does admit that his design work leaves him little time to follow many of the popular series on TV.

Sandy is a semi regular guest on Kneel Before Pod.

Nick Cook

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