Game of Thrones- Season 5 Episode 8

Jun 1, 2015 | Posted by in TV
Game of Thrones


A very compact episode of Game of Thrones this week and after a lot of build-up, this was probably the best of the series so far. The major action being the epic 15 minute battle between The White walkers versus The Wildlings and a small group of Crows. We can only imagine that now finally the fractions of each group who were opposed to an alliance will now surely see joining forces is the only way to beat the White Walkers. We also find Deanerys finally accepting Tyrian as her adviser, he will definitely be an invaluable one due to his immense knowledge of Westeros. In the dungeons of Kings Landing I’m wondering if Cerci can appreciate the irony of her being imprisoned by the group she put in to power in the first place. However, we have to wonder what kind of vengeance she will take out on the Sparrow if she is able to wriggle her way out of this one. Arya is still been given more strange tasks by the Faceless men as her sister finally hears her brothers we ‘rent killed by Theon.

Game of Thrones


I think Tyrian gives Deanerys some pretty sound advice on Jorah’s situation. I don’t think she wanted to execute him at all and I think she was possibly a bit relieved that she was advised against it. I do find it funny how Jorah throws himself at Deanerys and gives up his freedom in the process, I cant imagine this will change her mind. Tyrian has definitely undergone a big, although slow and subtle, transformation over the last season. He has learned that without his powerful family name supporting him he can no longer strut about with the arrogance he used to have. He is now much more tactful and respectful which I think will allow his intelligence to shine through. I think that in time Deanerys will realise that she has the best man possible to help her in her intention to take the Iron Throne. His advice to tell her to forget about Westeros and concentrate on ruling Meereen may well be a sincere piece of advice from Tyrian, however, we have to wonder if his fear of returning to Westeros may be a small factor in him saying this.

Seeing Cerci lying on a dungeon floor is probably one of the most pleasing sights of the season for most viewers. Her fall from grace has been a massive one and the way the Faith Millitant have grown in influence in such a short space of time must be as upsetting to her as King Tommens silence over the situation. As we know Cerci is definitely guilty as charged of incest and looks to be next for the chop. Game of Thones is ever unpredictable and if she manages to regain her freedom I look forward to seeing how she will act which will surely be at her vengeful and malicious best, and would probably give Joffrey and Ramsey a run for their money. Shadenfreude on steroids.

Across in Braavos Arya is honing her lying game, and Jaqen seems to be impressed with her. Her character is only getting stronger with time and although she has killed before, she looks to be close to murdering her first person on the orders of The Faceless Men. Whoever her next identity is after Lana, it looks like she is itching to get back to Westeros and start working on her list.

The other Stark girl seems to have put up with just as many tough situations as her sister, and like Arya she seems to have coped well with the difficult situations put in front of her. We see what is now a strong woman confronting Reek about his involvement in the deaths of Brann and Rickon. Now after hearing that her brothers may still be alive I think this will give her fresh impotence and gives her a whole new objective, rather than only worrying about her own safety. As the season has progressed I’d thought that we might have seen more glimmers of Theon behind the eyes of the helpless Reek. If Sansa is able to try and connect more with him I still don’t think it unlikely that Theon can step up and do the right thing and finally defy Ramsay.

Game of Thrones


The epic battle scene at the end was a great piece of viewing and I feel it was the cherry on the cake of a really top episode of Game of Thrones. The only negative I think that can be directed towards it was that it was a bit long. 15 minutes is something that’s possibly too much for an hour long show. That’s not at all to fault the battle’s content. Much like within the Nights Watch, The Wildlings are also split on their desire to form an alliance. Uneducated and overly emotional minds on either side seem unable to put much past bitterness behind them for the greater good. Conveniently however, The White Walkers show up as Jon is trying to convince them. Lots of blood, fire, giants and the living dead. The show has really sprung to life as it always does near the end of a season and I think the next two episodes with hit us pretty hard with so many unresolved story lines with only two episodes to go.

  • 9.5/10
    Hardhome - 9.5/10


A really great episode of Game of Thrones this week sees a lot of action and revealing plot twists. Denearys has her dragons and her huge army, but potentially Tyrian could be as useful to her as any of them. He seems to be willing and ready to serve her and if she is able to fully trust him, he will yield her positive results.

Cerci is still imprisoned by the High Sparrow and her frustration is clear. Her plan to arm them has backfired spectacularly and we can look to the possiblity of natural justice, which for many would be Cerci’s head on a spike.

The whole Reek and Sansa situation is an interesting one and has the potential to be game changing. With Ramsay and his father distracted with the approaching Stannis, her time to attempt an escape could be coming.

The battle scene and the end was superb though perhaps a little long. I’m sure plenty will disagree with me but I dont think this will be the last action sequence of this scale for the season and I look forward to seeing more.