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Feb 24, 2015 | Posted by in TV
Star Wars Rebels

Season 1 Episode 13 – “Rebel Resolve”

Woah, only one more episode of Star Wars Rebels left in the season, what a quick run this has had. It does seem like it’s coming back for a second season so that’s a promising one.

In almost every sense this episode did feel like the middle point of a larger story which it is but it was a little jarring to have the episode feel like a small part of a bigger whole rather than something that works on its own.

Pretty much all of this episode was the crew of the Ghost doing what they could to get Kanan back and generally failing miserably. I really liked how difficult it was for them to even find any information on where he might be and how that lent itself to some really creative action sequences.

Star Wars Rebels

The Rebels manage to cause some impressive damage in their search for Kanan

The opening sequence where Imperial Walkers were infiltrated to get access to prisoner data was great. It was fast paced, showcased all of the characters and their strengths while retaining the fun adventurous spirit of the show. I also really appreciated the continued imperial competence in shutting down the data network in case anyone thought to break in. It serves as a reminder of them destroying their own communications tower just to prevent the Rebellion from getting any sort of victory. Tarkin really is a ruthless guy.

We are given some welcome internal conflict between the characters who are opposed in their desire to rescue Kanan. It seems to be everyone against Hera on this one after she is told from her contact Fulcrum -fan theories suggest that Fulcrum could be Ahsoka Tano from Clone Wars and I really hope that this is the case- to back off from attempts to rescue Kanan. Hera clearly trusts her contact so implicitly that she’s willing to believe that what she is told is the right call. Nobody else on the crew agrees with her and here we have our conflict.

Everyone was so dead set on rescuing Kanan that they actively defy her orders and steal the Phantom to go after him on their own. Naturally it’s not long before they are discovered and Hera ultimately agrees to help them. This brings us to my only issue with the episode as I felt that Hera changed her mind a little too quickly here. Fair enough she only suggested leaving Kanan for practical reasons and not because it’s what she wanted but she seemed to be too easily convinced to change her stance. I just got the impression that there was a larger argument brewing here. Don’t get me wrong the extended scene where Ezra and Hera argued was great but Hera’s decision to help could have been more organic.

Star Wars Rebels

Kanan is in for a world of hurt

Kanan’s interrogation by Kallus, Tarkin and The Inquisitor was really good stuff. I liked the combination of strength of will and fear from Kanan who must surely have thought that his life was ready to end at this point. The only thing keeping him alive was the assumption that some of the information he had could be useful but as Hera reveals, he doesn’t know anything. It’s good that Tarkin suspected this really soon into the interrogation.

There’s some great scope for negative consequences here when Ezra reveals to Vizago that he and Kanan are Jedi and will owe him a favour in exchange for his help now. This favour will almost certainly be nothing good for our heroes.

I really loved the climatic action sequence. It’s probably the finest one the show has produced with every character being used to great effect as well as some impressive space battle/shipboard action forming a really tense and fast paced sequence that was really exciting to watch. It also showcases how loyal the crew are to Kanan which gives them all the impetus they need to get the job done.

  • 8.5/10
    Rebel Resolve - 8.5/10


A really good episode that slightly suffers from a lack of individuality. It feels like one part of a larger whole rather than something that can stand alone.

The mission to rescue Kanan was done really well with constant problems cropping up as the episode goes. I like that the Empire are portrayed as competent and a credible threat to the characters here.

Showing conflict between the crew of the Ghost was a nice touch. Having everyone opposed to Hera who was trying to make the most practical decision for their continued survival was done really well other than Hera’s quick backpedaling after being so adamant. I understand that she really wanted to help Kanan but I would have liked the conflict to persist a little longer.

Kanan’s interrogation was done really well. He was characterised as being terrified yet strong willed and struggling against the pain he is feeling at the hands of The Inquisitor. Tarkin’s quick deduction that Kanan might not know anything is a nice touch as well.