Supernatural – Season 10 Episode 22

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“The Prisoner”

Supernatural season 10 is almost over and the Mark of Cain plot kicks into high gear as the resolution starts to come into view.

I mentioned last week that I felt that Charlie’s death was something of a stunt to show how dangerous the Styne family apparently are and my view on that hasn’t changed but it has proven to be a suitable asset in terms of story telling. Charlie’s death has managed to serve the ever growing chasm between Sam and Dean brought on by Sam’s duplicitous actions. Sam may have had saving Dean at heart but the reality is that he lied for a long time and Dean has had enough of that. Fair enough he’s not really in a position to pass judgement but I’m happy to accept that the Mark of Cain is heightening these negative emotions within him.


Sam and Dean say goodbye to Charlie

Couple this with the fact that he recognises that Sam has a part to play in being responsible Charlie’s death and we have a Dean who is ready to snap. His anger manifests itself in a relentless rampage against the Styne family who just happen to rub him up the wrong way at the wrong time. I really like that they are so confident in their invincibility that they think Dean being captured by local law enforcement will keep him away. He’s out for revenge before this point but the interlude from the police only seals the deal for him.

His rampage is really well done and comes across as appropriately cold. The Stynes are absolutely no match for him and he blasts his way through them with ease. He shows absolutely no remorse for killing anyone as he tears through them one by one. I was really impressed that he even killed the young seemingly innocent kid as the episode seemed to be setting him up as a major character. It was a clever twist to have him appear important but only have that pay off by giving the viewer some investment in the character before Dean promptly killed him. It’s a line that Supernatural seldom crosses and it was really effective in showing how far Dean has gone. He has completely given into the Mark of Cain now and nothing seems to be able to get in the way of that. I have to say I’m really glad that Dean killed what appears to be the entirety of the Styne family as I wasn’t keen for them to be a recurring antagonist next season. There might be more out there but I certainly hope not.

Another great moment is when Castiel tried to get through to Dean and was subsequently attacked for his trouble. Cas took a real beating which showed just how powerful Dean is now that he has completely succumbed to the Mark of Cain’s influence. I would like to see Metatron try to take him on now that’s for sure.


Crowley reaffirms his commitment to evil

Ultimately this is a bit of a turning point as it basically has Dean back at the point he was at when the season began. He’s not quite a demon but he might as well be considering his actions. I get the impression that he realises that what he is doing is wrong but has gone past the point where he would care. I look forward to seeing where this leaves him next season.

Charlie’s final act was to deliver crucial information that can help translate the Book of the Damned. It should be no shock to anyone that Rowena uses this to prove how untrustworthy she is and decides to cash in Sam’s end of the bargain a little early. She wants him to kill Crowley before she will read anything and there’s nothing that Sam can do other than play along given that she really has all of the power here.

Sam’s attempt to kill Crowley is about as ill conceived as you might imagine. It turns out that he’s really not as susceptible to the common tricks as Sam was lead to believe. He makes short work of the trap bullet and manages to destroy Rowena’s powerful hex bag before reaffirming his commitment to evil.

I was a bit confused by this sequence as I felt that Crowley was a little toothless as he lay there apparently begging for his life. He tells Sam that he has made changes to Hell and is working on being a better demon but through endless scenes of Crowley hanging around Hell with his minions and his mother we actually saw no evidence of that. There were some rumblings that his underlings felt like he was going soft but beyond that there was nothing. The show has decided to tell us that he’s been doing that without actually showing it happen. It’s a real shame that such lazy writing so often creeps into this show. I know it’s capable of greatness but it rarely reaches that potential.


Dean considers killing Castiel

Crowley’s return to his old ways was great. The way he ragdolled Sam across the room was so cool and he definitely seemed in charge of the situation. I really got the impression that Sam has awakened something in him and now it’s something that has to be dealt with. Sam is quickly losing control of the situation with Crowley on the loose and Rowena refusing to cooperate until Crowley is dead. I really can’t see how he’ll sort all of this out because he has created a huge mess.

As I’ve said on many occasions Sam has been largely sidelined this season with his character arc mostly informing Dean’s. I like that this episode takes advantage of that potential and makes every action he takes a desperate act to save his brother from the Mark of Cain before he goes too far. I get the impression that it’s not too late otherwise we’d have no show but he really has a mountain to climb next week if he has to fight both Dean and Crowley on two fronts. I imagine Rowena isn’t going down without a fight either.

  • 8.5/10
    The Prisoner - 8.5/10


A really good episode that sets the stage for next week’s finale very nicely.

It looks like one way or another the end of the Mark of Cain storyline is in sight. Charlie provided the brothers with the means to translate the Book of the Damned before her death and Dean is at the point where he has given up even trying to fight his murderous urges.

Dean’s rampage through the Styne family was really well done. He was relentless and unforgiving as he showed no remorse for his actions. It was especially powerful when he killed the innocent young Styne boy. The episode set him up as being the sympathetic character that would show the audience that they’re not all bad but it was a clever bait and switch when Dean killed him as well. It allowed the audience to be slightly invested in him meaning it made a difference when he died. I really hope this is the last we see of the Styne family as I think they are pretty limp as antagonists go.

Dean’s attack on Castiel shows how far he’s gone and how little he cares about anyone around him. It also lets us see how powerful Dean is when he stops fighting the Mark of Cain. I imagine Metatron would have some trouble with him now.

Rowena’s lack of trustworthiness is no surprise and it makes sense that she would take advantage of the opportunity as she has all of the power here. Sam can’t translate the book without her so he has to do what she asks.

His attempt to kill Crowley was really ill conceived but it was great to see him reaffirm his commitment to evil and ragdoll Sam across the room. I look forward to seeing a no nonsense Crowley as of next episode as the version we’ve seen has been somewhat limp.

His description of the changes he has made in Hell was a bit ridiculous though. Throughout the entire season we have seen no evidence that he was doing anything to change things in any significant way or that he was going softer. He was at the mercy of his mother sure but the evidence for what he was saying just wasn’t there. It’s really lazy writing to throw that in now and expect us to swallow it.

It’s an interesting situation to be in for next week with Sam potentially fighting both Dean and Crowley on two fronts as well as the complications that Rowena will undoubtedly throw in there. Should be a good finale.

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