Teen Wolf – Season 5 Episode 4

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Teen Wolf

“Condition Terminal”

Teen Wolf returns with yet another fantastic episode, and I am pretty happy to say that this season is following the same roots that made Teen Wolf popular in the first place. While this season keeps getting better, we are still left with a thousand other questions that are left unanswered. What I love most about this season so far is the fact that it is somewhat connected with the previous seasons and this does not usually happen.

This episode focused primarily on Parrish and Lydia figuring out what Parrish really is. While they are in the midst of investigating, Parrish tells Lydia about a dream where he carries a burnt body to a tree stump aka the Nemeton. (Remember Season 3) He tells her that after he puts the body on the Nemeton, the dream stops. However it really doesn’t stop there as we see him sitting on the stump with the dead body, both of them engulfed in flames and millions of dead bodies around the tree stump. This leaves me confused more than ever. What on Earth is he? I think he might be a phoenix as it is becoming pretty evident because of his abilities. I could be wrong though.

Teen Wolf

What is Parrish?

The episode then cuts forward to where Episode 3 left off, which makes me wonder; Was the scene with Parrish a flashback or a flashforward? It’s not easy to tell. However, Scott and Stiles find Lydia severely injured as a result of the Kanima attack and she is immediately taken to the hospital. Once she is sedated to be treated for her injuries, she sees the Dread Doctors and becomes the second person after Malia to do so. This leaves me a little confused. Are these Dread Doctors even real because no one can apparently see them until they’re on the brink of death. The same thing happened with Donovan. Are these Dread Doctors even real or are they all in their head? Who knows. Meanwhile Scott and Kira head home and are interrupted by Dr. Deaton who tells them that someone is trying to change the rules of the supernatural world. He tells them that Tracy was never born or bitten, she was made. He emphasises how dangerous this whole situation is and that they need to protect their friends from whoever is doing this.

On the other hand Donovan is being held captive by the Dread Doctors and Theo suddenly turns up and reveals to Donovan that he’s working for the Dread Doctors. No shocker there, we all knew Theo was back in Beacon Hills with evil intentions, which sort of seem clear now. Theo teaches Donovan how to approach a fight in a different way. He knows that Donovan wants to kill Sheriff Stilinski for turning him down. Theo however claims that he can have his revenge by going after the one he loves; Stiles. Stiles, you better watch it, because as Theo puts it: “Real pain is emotional pain.” However this still leaves me wondering what Theo is up to and why he’s working with the Dread Doctors in the first place. Why is he so special? I think Donovan is the weapon that Theo intends to use to become a source of conflict between Scott and Stiles. I think their friendship chemistry is one of the strongest on the show so it’s a little exciting to see how Scott and Stiles will deal with this situation when it comes their way.

The rules have changed..

The rules have changed..

Meanwhile Liam tries to be a normal teenager and goes out with his best friend Mason as his wing man. Liam starts to suspect that something is not right about the bar they are in, however Mason does not seem to care and starts hooking up at the bar with another guy there named Lucas. This is followed by another pointless interaction between Liam and Hayden, the most uninteresting character I’ve come across so far. She’s still mad at Liam over some petty issues and I personally think that it’s annoying. I think the whole club scene with Liam and his interaction with Hayden felt a little forced and it was the dullest one yet.

Back at the hospital, Melissa brings Scott to Corey, a kid who was attacked and whose condition seems to be getting worse as a chunk of his arm has been scarred. When the pain meds don’t help, Scott attempts to take the pain away from him and then asks him what happened. Corey tells him that he was attacked by Lucas (he is some sort of venomous creature created by the Doctors), the same guy who was currently hooking up with Mason. Scott and Kira quickly rush to the bar and as soon as Lucas attempts to attack Mason, Brett intervenes and Scott and Kira arrive soon after. It looks like this is one instance where Kira’s sword will be much more helpful than Scott’s hand-to-hand combat when it comes to fighting off Lucas. It also made Scott seem a little gullible and he wasn’t doing anything. I didn’t like it because Scott is an Alpha and he can do much more than his whole pack put together, however phis puts Scott face to face with the Dread Doctors for the first time and they eventually kill Lucas themselves by telling Scott that “His condition was terminal.” However, One scene that tipped me off a bit was the scene where Kira had gone back to her full kitsune form and was about to kill Lucas when Scott suddenly made her stop. The whole scene felt out of place and made me wonder why he stopped her in the first place.

Teen Wolf

Donovan goes after Stiles..

In the hospital, Scott tells his mom that he’ll find whoever’s making all these supernatural creatures and wreaking havoc at Beacon Hills. After they leave the morgue, Parrish visits and takes Lucas’ body to the Nemeton and they are both engulfed in flames. This did not look like a dream to me. What is going on with Parrish? I’m still shaking my head at this.

The last scene was the one that was the most baffling. At school, Stiles has car trouble and tries to duct tape his engine again. This was the episode where Stiles was not wandering around with the pack so he was pretty much on his own. However, Donovan approaches him from behind. It seems like a mouth opens on his hand and Stiles cries out as he attacks him and possibly kidnaps him. This seems interesting and creepy. I wonder if Donovan will spill that it was Theo that sent him after Stiles and then when Stiles attempts to warn Scott about Theo again, Scott won’t believe him. I’m pretty sure this will happen. Well done, Theo. You’re the sole cause of the oncoming drift between Scott and Stiles’ friendship.

  • 8/10
    - 8/10


Another strong episode which did leave me with a lot of questions but still managed to be as entertaining as the previous episodes. First of all, I enjoy the scenes between Lydia and Parrish as they have really good chemistry and I think they really work well together. However, the opening scene of the episode was a bit confusing and all over the place, making me wonder when any of this took place so that’s one thing that needs clearing up.

Also we got some more group scenes this week between Scott and all his friends. I liked seeing them all come together since they’re often separated from each other. One thing I remember is that Jeff Davis had said that we would see Kira, Lydia and Malia grow closer together, but really we haven’t seen anything to indicate that. I would like see more development in their friendship and interactions as so far this hasn’t really been happening.

There were some scenes in the episode that I didn’t like. I’m looking at most of the club scenes involving Liam. I don’t mind a bit of Teen Wolf randomness, but I think it was a bit too much. This could possibly be because it focused on Liam and Hayden who is possibly the least interesting character introduced so far and that makes it harder to pull off that kind of pointlessness.

I still enjoy the villainous role of Theo but I’m annoyed yet again at how oblivious and gullible Scott seems in this episode. He’s the Alpha, and he should know better.

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