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Teen Wolf

“Creatures of the Night”

After a very underwhelming and average conclusion to the fourth season of Teen Wolf, we’re back with the Season 5 premiere “Creatures Of The Night” almost a year later. I have to say, Season 4 was not my cup of tea and this is coming from someone who has been really devoted to the show since it started airing. However after watching the promotional clips and trailers for Season 5, I was a little more optimistic and I have to say, I was not the least bit disappointed and I love how the show has come back to its darker roots as we can see from the first episode.

The episode starts off with Lydia who’s apparently catatonic and a patient at Eichen House. This whole situation left me somewhat confused because all I was thinking up till that point was “How did she end up here?” and “What the hell is going on?” She screams and tries to escape then we see her pushing guards back with her banshee screams and smoke rings. Needless to say, this left me more confused than ever. Where did Lydia get these powers from? Am I missing something?

Unfortunately, her powers don’t help her because she’s dragged back inside Eichen House after Aiden appears out of nowhere -he died in the Season 3 finale- and tells her that she has to stay and finish her treatment. After she is sedated, she says “My friends, they’re all going to die.” However it is soon revealed that what we saw was the present, and everything else that takes place in the episode is a flashback, meaning that we do not know how Lydia ended up in Eichen House in the first place. Typical Teen Wolf; the more mystery, the merrier.

Teen Wolf

My friends, they’re all going to die..

The scene then cuts off to Stiles talking about the future with Scott and their plan to move to San Francisco with Scott after they graduate high school. I’ve always found the friendship between Scott and Stiles to be one of the highlights of this show. Stiles feels protective and doesn’t want to leave any of his friends behind whereas Scott is more concerned with surviving their senior year since they live in Beacon Hills. When you live in a place like Beacon Hills, no one is safe. Things will probably end up really good for them or really bad, and anybody who’s been watching Teen Wolf for a really long time knows it’s the latter.

Their conversation is interrupted by Liam, who is a new member of Scott’s pack and has been chained up to a tree after the last moon due to his violent impulses. I really liked the way that Scott was acting. He takes on the role of Liam’s mentor and teaches him the difference between right and wrong. It reminded me of the same relationship between Derek and Scott where Scott always looked up to him. With Derek not being around much anymore -such a shame- Scott had to rely on himself to do things and trust his own judgement on the best way to take care of his own pack.

Back at the sheriff’s station, Deputy Parrish has been left to do phone duty and is clearly irritated that he hasn’t been given any action lately. He claims that Sheriff Stilinski doesn’t trust him enough to actually let him do something, but Sheriff Stinlinski immediately shrugs it off by giving him a noise complaint to look over to. Clearly he did not anticipate that this “investigation” would become something else entirely. This leaves Deputy Parrish to investigate a very creepy, abandoned house. He enters the basement and hears someone behind the walls. At first, he thought it was an innocent victim trapped and planned to get the victim out but instead finds a very weird creature clawing it’s way out and lifting Parrish off the ground. That’s where Parrish’s protective instincts kick in and the creature realizes that Parrish is in fact a supernatural creature, although no one knows what he is. The mystery surrounding as to what Parrish really is has been going around since Season 4, so I’m also a little curious as to what he really is and I cannot wait to find that out as the season progresses.

Teen Wolf

You’re not a werewolf… but you’re something.

In the midst of all this, it is revealed that the creature is in fact, actually after Scott and allows Deputy Parrish to live if he tells him where Scott is. Parrish however, claims that he does not know who Scott is and is “apparently” killed by the creature but we all know Parrish isn’t dying on us yet as he still has an important part to play in the events to come.

Scott however, is completely unaware that someone is after him and is instead planning on attending the “Senior Scribe” with his friends however many things go wrong along the way such a lightning strikes and a storm that is affecting the entire town. Among his friends are Malia -who’s dreading whether she’ll be able to make it as senior due to her poor academics and contemplating whether she should be attending the Senior Scribe at all- and Kira -who is supposed to be there too but is stuck in a traffic jam-. She climbs on top of her car to get a signal but a boy near her tells her that he isn’t getting any service too. Lydia however is nowhere to be seen. Scott however reunites with Kira by getting her out of the traffic whereas Parrish is taken to the hospital after being severely injured and that’s when he tells Sheriff Stilinski and Scott’s mother -who’s a doctor- that the creature made him feel as if all the life had been sucked out of him and that the creature could potentially steal Scott’s Alpha powers. He urges that they have to find Scott. Liam soon figures out that Scott is in trouble and before he, Stiles and Malia can warn him, the creature gets to Scott and Kira first. As the creature begins to attack Scott, where both Scott and Kira are unable to fight him off, they are aided by another stranger (who’s also a werewolf) and the same guy who Kira encountered earlier while she was in a traffic jam. However, the new guy is quickly tossed aside and Scott is left to defeat the creature on his own which he does in an epic show down. The creature than accepts defeat and runs off.

Teen Wolf

You can stay and you can break something else, or you can run..

The new guy introduces himself as Theo and Scott quickly realizes that he knew him back from fourth grade. Theo says that he wants to be a part of Scott’s pack after hearing of an alpha back in Beacon Hills. However, like Stiles.. I also believe his to be very suspicious, in fact his whole appearance is very suspicious, but let’s see what happens. Scott doesn’t immediately answer whether he has allowed Theo to join the pack or not, but instead heads off to the library to the senior scribe with his friends where Malia discovers that she will be coming back as a senior after all. They meet up with Lydia (who was not previously seen) and they head off to the library to write their names on the library shelves. Malia decides to use her adoptive name “Tate” as her initials rather than “Hale” which goes to show that she does not want to be associated with Peter Hale at all. Finally Scott adds his initials and the initials of “Allison Argent”. This was truly one of the saddest scenes I’ve ever had to watch on Teen Wolf because it shows that Allison will always be a part of Scott and it gives a real sense of permanence that their love story never achieved.

Teen Wolf

Allison maybe gone, but never forgotten..

The last scene of this episode however was the one that left me totally bewildered. It showed Lydia right where she was before; Eichen House. She was telling the whole story via flashbacks. She realizes that Aiden was never back from the dead, he was in fact.. a doctor. When the doctor asks Lydia about her senior year, Lydia sees flashes of Scott fighting Liam, Melissa McCall slapping the sheriff, Kira getting in a car to leave, Parrish’s eyes glowing, Malia looking scared and Stiles.. well, Stiles dead, or unconscious as a result of a car crash that he was in. The glimpse into the future of Scott’s friends simply shows that no one is actually safe and the future seems very uncertain. We also see the introduction of these “robot looking” monsters and I assume that they will be the season’s “big bad.” I can’t actually describe them. However, when Lydia still claims that she is unable to remember her senior year of highschool, the doctor pulls a device that would drill into her skull that would tap into her memory. If that wasn’t creepy, than I don’t know what is.

  • 8/10
    Creatures of the Night - 8/10


A very thrilling and engaging episode that left me at the edge of my seat. What I love about the show is it’s ability to keep things fresh and completely different as opposed to the previous seasons so it doesn’t feel weird if you’ve missed any of the previous seasons as the themes of every season are always completely different with ever changing villains and story lines.

I liked the element of mystery that the whole episode brought and I feel as if it was added intentionally to leave us all confused. All of the scenes between Stiles and Scott were really strong and their friendship is one of the highlights of the entire show.

It’s great that show has made progress building the character of Malia in particular. I really loved the homage to Allison, as I felt like it was lacking in the previous season. I liked how it showed that Scott’s love for Allison would never die, because she would always be a part of him.

However, many things in the episode fell out of place such as the appearance of the weird looking monsters, and the new character Theo, although his appearance seems very suspicious. I hope this season proves to be as thrilling and engaging as the first episode was.

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