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Teen Wolf


Teen Wolf returns once again with another thrilling and engaging episode. The whole situation that is taking place in this season is still shrouded in mystery and I’m still trying to figure out what is going on. They didn’t touch on Theo this episode, although I was really excited to see what was up with him and what his motives were. Theo did however turn up to help Scott when things got a little out of hand with Tracy, and he didn’t even make it seem like he was up to something. Clever, but I’m eager to know what’s up with him because out of all the characters introduced, Theo seems to be the one that has captured my interest. With the introduction of the Dread Doctors this season, Teen Wolf Season 5 keeps rotating new characters in and out.

The character Donovan sure made a lasting impression after he threatened to kill off Sheriff Stilinksi for the second time since the first episode. After Donovan prepares to transfer to another prison, he is escorted by a lawyer (Tracy’s dad) and while they’re leaving in a van, they are attacked by Tracy who has now completely transformed into a werewolf as a result of the Dread Doctors. She kills off everyone but Donovan manages to escape before being confronted by the Dread Doctors and having a hole drilled inside his ear. I’m sorry but this has to be the goriest season of Teen Wolf because that was disturbing and there were several other scenes that had me mutter the word “gross” at least once.

Meanwhile, Malia tries to drive a car as she fails at driving most of the time, but as she gets behind the wheel, she keeps getting flashbacks of a car accident. I think these were flashbacks of the night her adoptive mother died but who knows? I liked how Malia’s storyline was more developed in this one with the flashbacks and everything and an insight into her backstory. Scott on the other hand managed to find Donovan and discovered that it was in fact Tracy who had killed everyone. He then discusses with the pack as to how to handle this situation. Should they kill her or should they focus on finding her for now? One of the most hilarious scenes of this entire episode were the parts that involved Mason as he is finally aware and involved into the world of the supernatural, and his excitement and infatuation with all of it just added more humour to his scenes and I really enjoyed them.

This is all just mind blowing..

This is all just mind blowing..

Tracy on the other hand has simply gone on a killing rampage and that doesn’t stop her when she arrives at school, she is confronted by Hayden, a student who asks her if she’s alright. She grabs her arm which causes it to start bleeding. When she goes into the washroom to tend to her arm I felt that something was very off. Hayden witnessed what happened but she wasn’t as surprised as you would expect from someone who witnesses something so bizarre. We could see that the part of her arm where Tracy had grabbed her started to heal by itself. I’m sorry.. but how? Well, I’m not even surprised. Almost nobody in Beacon Hills turns out to be normal.

Dr. Deaton examines Tracy after she falls unconscious, and it is revealed that she isn’t a werewolf but in fact, a Kanima. This instantly reminded me of Jackson from Seasons 1 and 2, who was a Kanima himself and now that Colton Haynes has left Arrow, could he possibly return to Teen Wolf? I sure hope so. This was the first time a Kanima has appeared on the show since Jackson’s departure, so I’m really excited to see how this all goes. The Dread Doctors are turning people into Kanimas, which is a very bad form of a werewolf. This is when Tracy goes full on Kanima and escapes.

Kira and Lydia finally figure out what happened to Tracy. She’s still having night terrors and she has no idea what’s going on or what’s happening to her. They then come up with the theory that Tracy is targeting people who tried to help her and that included Lydia’s mom. They realize that Lydia’s mom might be in danger and go after her. It is then revealed that Lydia’s mom is in fact, on a date with Sheriff Stilinksi. I’m sorry.. but what? I’m not liking this pairing at all. I was still rooting for Mrs. McCall and Sheriff Stilinski. You just had one job, Jeff Davis, and you couldn’t even get them together? Damn. Tracy then appears in on them and tries to attack. And this is when Kira fights the Tracy turned kanima. Yes, you heard me right. Kira actually did something with that sword of hers instead of foolishly waving it around. And this is the first time we saw her in her full kitsune form. I really liked that and I liked how her character was actually doing something for once.

Kira goes on full kitsune..

Kira goes on full kitsune..

Malia finds them after the aftermath of Tracy’s battle. Tracy has Lydia’s mom in the basement and Malia goes after them. After a fight, she is finally in a good position to kill Tracy but leaves her after she realizes that she’s waking up. The Dread Doctors then suddenly appear out of nowhere and kill Tracy while restraining Malia and leaving her on the floor which begs the question, why didn’t they go after Malia? Why did they leave her? We also get a greater insight into Malia’s biological mother, the Desert Wolf. I like how they’re developing Malia’s character as a result of this.

Another thing I noticed was when Liam and Mason went to one of the pack members from Satomi’s pack to talk about Tracy and whether she was a part of that pack. The pack member Brett, discussed this with them and claimed that Satomi took him and his sister in after his family died in a fire. Does this ring any bells? Could Brett possibly be related to Derek Hale or is this simply a coincidence that his family died the same way that Derek’s did? And not to mention that Brett was also born a werewolf, just like Derek. Very interesting, let’s see how this all plays out.

  • 8/10
    Dreamcatchers - 8/10


This week’s episode of Teen Wolf was fast paced, yet terrifying and exciting. The episode was great in terms of screen time, development and character interaction. Everyone’s individual plot lines were linked in some way and there were some great scenes with Scott’s pack. Mason, in particular was the most fun to watch in this episode and all of his scenes were hilarious.

Malia was amazing this episode and I loved the character development with her and we finally get some insight into the Desert Wolf whose mystery has been going on for a fairly long time. I also liked how Kira finally got her big moment and actually did something rather than just stand there idle with her sword.

I’m still holding out hope that Stiles has something more interesting going on this season, because so far his only contribution to this season was his suspicion over Theo and well.. car trouble and they are not very compelling character wise.

However, there was one thing that didn’t work for me. Liam’s storyline was practically left incomplete for this episode and ended very abruptly. That’s something that should’ve been worked on.

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