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Teen Wolf

“Lies of Omission”

With only one more episode left till the mid season finale of Season 5A, we were still left with more unanswered questions. This episode also saw the pack separated, something which I don’t particularly enjoy. We’ve seen practically no scenes of the pack banding together and that kind of bugs me. With Kira out of the picture, the pack seems more separated than ever and I’m also wondering if Kira will ever return or not.

The episode focuses on the pack trying to discover more Chimeras before they are killed by the Dread Doctors. I’m actually quite bored by the repetition of this plot. I had almost given up on this episode until the very ending scene between Scott and Stiles. The stellar performances given by Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey went a long way towards redeeming it but we’ll get to that later.

Teen Wolf

I can’t deal with another body, another failure..

While still in school, Malia comes face to face with another Chimera and when she sees her being killed by the Dread Doctors, she completely loses it and admits to Stiles that she can’t deal with all these deaths and all the bodies anymore. I think this was some really good character development for Malia as this was the first time where we’ve seen a more human side of her. Normally she is the strong one who suppresses her emotions and doesn’t pay attention to the feelings of others around her but now Malia has finally come to terms with the fact that she’s just like everyone else. She is afraid and wants it to stop. I really liked seeing this side of her.

Meanwhile, Stiles is with Lydia searching for the Nemeton and now that both Stiles and Lydia know that Parrish has been the one taking the bodies, Lydia thinks it’s time to tell Parrish about what’s going on because she can’t use her Banshee powers to track the bodies herself. Stiles however is afraid that if they found the bodies, they’d find Donovan’s body too, something which he doesn’t want them to find out since he lied about it. I still don’t get it. Last time I checked, killing someone in self defense wasn’t necessarily a crime but Stiles just won’t hear it. He still thinks he murdered someone. I feel that he should stop beating himself about it as he wasn’t the one to blame. However after Lydia tries to help Parrish get his fire powers back, Parrish finally finds the Nemeton and the bodies, realising that the dreams he had had about taking the bodies were actually real. Parrish tells Lydia that he had no idea he was doing all this and decides to turn himself in so that he doesn’t take anymore bodies.

Teen Wolf

Parrish turns himself in..

Yet, the writers still didn’t bother to reveal what Parrish really is. I’m actually fed up and of the writers dragging this revelation out since Season 4. I miss the old Teen Wolf seasons where we used to get answers more frequently, now it just seems that everything is being needlessly dragged on until the very end. If they don’t reveal what Parrish is by next week’s episode, I’m officially done with this show. Okay, I was joking but clearly this is leaving me very frustrated.

Meanwhile Sheriff Stilinski is on a mission to find the chimeras, and he wants to finally make some progress. The Sheriff decides that he wants to look for the failed Chimeras that are being targeted. Stilinski takes his black light into the library and finds mercury right away. He knows that only Stiles’ and Theo’s key cards were used to get into the library one night, and he thinks about how Stiles was sure that Theo was a bad guy. When he confronts Theo about this, he lies and claims that he was the one who killed Donovan. He says that it was him who climbed the scaffolding and accidentally killed his classmate. He breaks down in tears and the Sheriff gives him a hug. Not like we already don’t know how much of a pathological liar Theo really is. He’s obviously trying to drift Stiles and Scott apart which I knew was going to happen the moment he became a part of Scott’s life. I still don’t get why Theo is doing all this and I’m honestly tired of the writers dragging this on and on as well. I really want answers now, although I have to admit this was the first episode where I actually enjoyed Theo and embraced his schemes.

Teen Wolf

Scott refuses to help Hayden..

After the Dread Doctors go after Hayden as she was just another “failed experiment”, Theo and Scott go after her and try to save her before she is killed. While on the way there, Theo lies yet again and tells Scott that Stiles killed Donovan intentionally and makes up his own twisted version where he claims that Stiles really enjoyed killing Donovan, leaving the part where Stiles actually killed him by accident or the part where Theo himself had killed a Chimera. Scott seems genuinely shocked and by the looks of his face, seemed that he took Theo’s word for it.

I was disappointed with Scott. How could he be so gullible and actually believe Theo? I just don’t get it. Scott really is at his weakest this episode. So Theo throws in a few lies and suddenly everyone starts trusting him. How absurd. However when they arrive to save Hayden, they’re already too late as they’ve already taken Hayden as captive and shoot something in her neck and then leave her to die, however she somehow survives. The wolves are pretty sure that Hayden was given a shot of mercury, but they aren’t positive the affects that it could have. The shot could be killing Hayden from the inside and when Liam questions if she’ll heal, but Theo explains that the chimeras are basically knockoff werewolves. They don’t always work as well as the real deal. Liam suggests turning her into a real werewolf, but only Scott can do that. The Alpha refuses to bite her. Okay, Scott has had his fair share of crappy Alpha decisions but this was well, surprising.

Teen Wolf

Scott, say you believe me..

After Scott refuses to help Hayden any further, Scott confronts Stiles which turns out to be a dramatic conversation in the rain. Why do they always do these things in the rain? Scott shows Stiles the wrench he used to fight off Donovan. Scott asks why he didn’t tell him. “He was going to kill my dad. Was I supposed to just let him?” Stiles asks. I still don’t get why Stiles left out the part where Donovan was killed by accident. When Stiles asks Scott whether he believes him, Scott doesn’t seem to give Stiles a straight answer. It looks like their friendship has come to an end as Scott chooses to trust Theo over Stiles. This confrontation was hands down the best scene of the entire episode. Tyler Posey acted wonderfully being all lost and full of doubt as well as hurt and mistrust but Dylan O’Brien owned the entire scene. I honestly believe that is enough, because otherwise I won’t stop praising him and how amazingly good he was. Even now Stiles loves Scott more than he loves himself, with his self-esteem issues and the way he folds and begs giving up even his anger, fear and frustration. If Scott was doubting whether Stiles was being completely honest or not, he could’ve just listened to his heartbeat. He could do that, right?


  • 7/10
    Lies of Omission - 7/10


An episode that left us with practically no answers at all. I just don’t like how the writers keep stalling. Have they run out of ideas? Or are they doing this so that people keep watching out of curiosity? Whatever the reason, I still don’t like it and they should get to the point instead of constantly dragging things out, and this is particularly about what Parrish really is, what the Dread Doctors are up to, why they keep killing people after experimenting on them, why Theo is working for them, why is Theo lying all the time and basically, what Theo wants and why suddenly turn up in Beacon Hills? It’s just like the writers want to keep stalling for answers until the very end of the season. If they don’t give us answers till next week’s episode, they’ll be left with a very unhappy fan.

I really enjoyed the character development for Malia. Growing up as a werewolf on her own in the wilderness, she only cared about herself and never knew what it was like to be human and have the same emotions as them. But now her character is far more mature and this was displayed in this week’s episode when she was afraid and couldn’t bear to see all the deaths and the bodies that followed. Malia is finally feeling what it’s like to be human.

I am still so disappointed with Scott’s behavior this episode and how he still chooses to believe Theo over Scott. Theo’s scheming however was well played out this episode although I don’t get how Scott chose to believe Theo so easily even though I clearly remember that in last week’s episode, Scott was doubting whether to trust Theo or not. I don’t get how his mind changed so easily.

The final confrontation scene between Stiles and Scott was honestly the best part of the episode for me and that is why I had to give it a seven. Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien in particular, gave his best performance and it shows that Stiles is not ready to give up on their friendship even though Scott thinks otherwise, seeing how gullible he has been recently.

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