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Teen Wolf


Teen Wolf is back once again and as much as I love this show, there are still some things about this season that are quite concerning and I’ll get to that soon. This episode did seem to move things in an interesting way and I liked how the Desert Wolf was finally brought into the fold after she had been a topic of discussion in the previous episodes, especially after Malia discovered that the Desert Wolf (her mother) was the one who tried to kill her adoptive family all those years ago. Dr. Deaton -who has stumbled upon one of the abandoned labs of the Dread Doctors- is confronted by the Desert Wolf, who asks Deaton if he knows his daughter and Deaton lies by saying that he had no idea she even had a daughter. That is when things take an unexpected turn and she reveals that if she finds Malia alive, she’ll just have to kill her. Why would the Desert Wolf want to kill her own daughter? No one knows. But it’s just despicable.

I'm just gonna have to kill her again..

I’m just gonna have to kill her again..

The episode also mostly revolved around Liam and Hayden after they were taken hostage by the Dread Doctors and the pack’s quest to find them. Scott seems to urgently need to find them and taps into the memories of Corey by digging his claws into the back of his neck to discover where the Dread Doctor’s labs are. I was genuinely shocked over how recklessly Scott was acting because it was so unlike him. He could’ve killed Corey but he didn’t seem to care. He wasn’t thinking clearly. When they do however discover the labs, Scott is unable to catch Liam’s scent and finally gives up. He thinks he won’t be able to find him. I was just shocked over how Scott was acting. What was going on with him? He wasn’t one to give up or make reckless decisions. But I did like this character change in Scott as it’s kind of fun to see a different side of him, and not one where he always plays the hero being too sweet all the time.

Theo on the other hand, goes to find Liam and Hayden himself and rescues them. After Scott and Malia find Hayden and Liam safe and sound, Theo hugs them and reassures them that everything is okay. It was pretty evident that both Scott and Malia aren’t happy with Theo. Maybe they’re finally coming to agreement that Theo isn’t what he says he is. Also, while I did feel sorry for both Liam and Hayden after they were captured by the Dread Doctors, the kiss they shared while Theo was driving them home totally grossed me out. I’m all for romance, but their romance is way too much annoying for me to take them seriously as a couple. They just need to stop this. It’s annoying and Hayden needs to die. There, I said it. I can’t stand her. She’s too dull and boring and annoying. I might have emphasized on the word “annoying” a bit too much.

Teen Wolf

It’s him. He’s the one taking the bodies..

Elsewhere, Sheriff Stilinski has a big problem. Melissa calls the Sheriff after finding the dead body on her table. She tells him to leave his badge at the door and he agrees. However, that changes once he sees the body on her table. He calls for backup and Scott’s mother slaps him. I really enjoyed this scene. He’s got a point: all these kids have families, who deserve to know something, if only so they can start grieving. But how do you go halfway with this stuff? Apparently he’s going to cover up the part about the victim being a monster. The Sheriff  however more worried about the dead girl’s body. He sends his deputies to protect her remains. Standing right in front of her spot in the morgue is Deputy Parrish. Stilinski doesn’t realize what an awful plan that is. The sprinkler system malfunctions in the morgue, and water starts shooting out with enough force that it’s just white and no one can see. It allows Parrish to attack. When Parrish calmly tells the Sheriff to go to his son, who just arrived in the morgue, it’s clear that he is the body snatcher.

While I did enjoy this episode, I still have some problems. I just feel like the plot line isn’t progressing enough. We still don’t know what the Dread Doctors want, why Theo works for them, or why Theo is pretending to be good, why Parrish is acting the way he is and the secrets that Malia and Stiles are keeping. Malia about the Desert Wolf, and Scott about killing Donovan (in self defense). The questions just keep piling up and the previous couple of episodes just felt like filler episodes to me. Why is Jeff Davis stalling? We need answers! I just feel as if this season hasn’t progressed at the same pace as other seasons of Teen Wolf. Normally by this stage in the season various plot lines and arcs have been established and are building towards the final confrontation. We’ve only got 2 episodes left of part 5A and there’s still so much to be resolved and known. Instead we’ve sort of had a lot of filler type episodes with dream/hallucination type sequences and random Chimeras which has failed to really progress the plot in any way. I would just really like that to change.

Teen Wolf

Kira remembers being attacked by the Dread Doctors..

Meanwhile at the police station while Kira was being wrongly accused of killing the girl Melissa McCall found back at her house, Kira reveals to Scott that she doesn’t remember anything. She was just suddenly in the road when the deputy found her. Scott says he doesn’t think Kira killed anyone, but the look on his face says otherwise. He still seems to be having trust issues with Kira. Kira goes home and tries to read the book that will trigger her memories again reads the book from the end and has sudden memories. She remembers seeing the Dread Doctors on Route 115 when she was returning from summer vacation. They put a needle in her eye in the middle of the highway and it was struck my lightning. But how didn’t her parents notice? They were sitting in the car too. I’m a little confused here. Anyways, Kira is leaving Beacon Hills with her family. Because the body disappeared, there are no charges against her father. She doesn’t want to stay in Beacon Hills and risk hurting someone. She asks Scott to look at her with his wolf eyes again. The fox is burning brighter than ever, and he knows he can’t ask her to stay. Not that I mind Kira leaving town, I was just a little disappointed that she was leaving just after her character was actually getting interesting for once. Let’s see when she gets back. Her character still has so much potential.

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    Ouroboros - 7/10


A good episode but what the writers need to realize is that they can’t keep doing the same things over and over again. I feel like this season hasn’t been progressing enough as much as the previous seasons of Teen Wolf. Most story lines and arcs haven’t been established and with only two episodes left till Season 5A comes to an end, I’m really hoping for answers.

We know almost nothing about the Dread Doctors, what Parrish is, how the pack has still no idea about Theo’s motives and the secrets being kept by Stiles and Malia. It’s just always a consistent pattern with the episodes of Season 5 so far, throw in a couple of random Chimeras, dream sequences and hallucinations and there you have it. I would really like that to change.
I also really enjoyed the scene between Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa and how they held conflicting point of views about how to handle the murders and the dead body of the girl which was dropped at Melissa’s house. Melissa slapping Sheriff Stilinksi was just an added bonus although we all know Sheriff Stilinski was right.]

Also, Kira’s departure was interesting but I didn’t like how she was leaving just when her character was getting far more interesting with an actual plot line.

On the other hand, the Liam/Hayden romance is starting to get on my nerves and I’d like it to stop. They have no chemistry together and Liam seriously didn’t need a love interest at this point in the show. I don’t I’ll be able to stand their “gross” romantic moments any longer. Dread Doctors, you should’ve just killed Hayden when you had the chance. I’m sorry.

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