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Teen Wolf

Strange Frequencies

Teen Wolf Season 5 has all been about Scott’s pack being in danger, and not just them but everyone else around them, and the latest episode was no exception. The episode picks off right where the last left off. Stiles has to reluctantly help Theo after he killed another newly formed Chimera to save Stiles. He begs Stiles to keep quiet about it, rather, he emotionally blackmails Stiles to keep quiet about it by revealing that he knows what Stiles did to Donovan. With no other options, Stiles agrees to help Theo after he says that they could stand where they are and tell the truth, or they can hide the body. They bring the body to the veterinarian’s office and they quickly come to an understanding with Scott that both Theo and Stiles should take turns watching the body so that they figure out who’s been stealing the bodies of the corpses all this time. In the midst of all this, it is revealed that the Dread Doctors know who’s been taking the bodies, but they don’t want Theo to know who it is. Strange.

I really liked the conversations between Stiles and Theo while they were sitting in the jeep waiting for the unknown person to show up and take away the body. It was an interesting dynamic as Stiles doesn’t get that his lies are a much bigger problem than the basically accidental death of his attacker; Theo understands this perfectly, and it gives him all kinds of leverage that he wouldn’t normally have. Stiles might not trust Theo, but he still has no idea what Theo is capable of, and how much of a liar he really is. This was shown in a flashback where the mystery behind how his sister died is revealed. He claims to have tried to help her, but before he could, she was already dead from hypothermia. It was later revealed that Theo did find her alive, but refused to help her. He let his sister suffer with no intention to help her at all. One thing is certain, Theo isn’t just evil. He’s a certified sociopath.

The kitsune goes for the kill..

The kitsune goes for the kill..

Meanwhile after Liam discovers that Hayden is in fact, a Chimera herself, he decides to tell her the truth about him being a werewolf  and the existence of supernatural creatures. Hayden doesn’t believe him at first, but finally realizes that he’s telling the truth after she’s almost taken captive by the Dread Doctors before Liam intervenes and saves her and after she starts transforming into one. Scott decides to lure the Dread Doctors to them by using Hayden as bait. Liam of course, has a problem with that.  Can I just say how irritating I find Hayden? I don’t care about Liam and Hayden and I’m baffled over how childish she acts and holds a grudge with Liam over something that happened to her in sixth grade. The writers should just kill her off. She has nothing to offer and she’s just a waste of a character as far as I’m concerned.

Kira on the other hand is finally getting a storyline of her own and I have to say, it’s very interesting. She ends her relationship with Scott because she wants to figure out what’s happening to her and rid herself of it before she ends up hurting someone. This is followed by a montage of all the romantic moments she’s had with Scott. While she’s in school with her father, her mother out of nowhere challenges Kira into a duel where they get into a pretty intense fight. Finally, Kira’s Kitsune powers go into full effect and she nearly kills her Mother. Mrs. Yukimura explains that it is the fox inside of her that wants to kill her, not Kira. I think it was about time Kira’s parents knew what was going on with her. And whatever it is, it has been the most interesting she’s been on the show so far.

Teen Wolf

“I am the Messenger of Death.”

Another thing that I’ve noticed this season has had it’s fair share of dream sequences and hallucinations and it’s been overdone so much it’s not even funny anymore. Not that I mind, but I’d like to see something different now. They’ve been at it for the past 7 episodes. This episode sees the rest of the pack having scary and gruesome hallucinations while they’re at school looking out for the Dread Doctors. Parrish has a vision of Lydia making out with him and then suddenly stops after he sees her covered up in burns. That does not stop their hook up and I have to say, it was very disturbing to watch. After Malia hears Parrish drive off and tries to go after her, but a bear trap pops out of the floor and traps her. Then several blades pop out of the ground and impale her. One blade even goes straight through her throat. And if this wasn’t disturbing enough we see Lydia having a vision of Tracey ripping her tongue out. The Dread Doctors walk right in. With the pack hallucinating, the plan for a trap doesn’t really work. Jeff Davis wasn’t wrong when he said that this would be the most goriest season yet.

Scott also has a vision, but it isn’t what he expects it to be. While he’s making his way towards the locker to get Hayden’s pills he is suddenly attacked by a blade through the chest. “You know who I am,” Kira says in a deep voice. “I am the messenger of death.” Kira is almost about to kill Scott when Mason suddenly wakes him up from his hallucination and informs him that there’s another person that he befriended, Corey is the next Chimera that will be targeted by the Dread Doctors soon.

Stiles and Theo are attacked..

Stiles and Theo are attacked..

Not being at school doesn’t mean Stiles and Theo aren’t in danger. They’re having an argument over whether Theo has really murdered anyone if it was an act of self-defense. Suddenly, a flaming fist punching Theo interrupts them. Then Stiles’ jeep is flipped over. He is knocked unconscious as his Jeep is lit on fire. Parrish goes into the veterinarian’s office to grab Josh’s body. Theo saves Stiles from the burning Jeep, but he didn’t see who grabbed the body. Like I mentioned above, the conversations between Stiles and Theo were some of the highlights of the episode as Theo is just so smooth, he knows exactly what to say and how to say it (with that face) that he comes off as a genuine character even though we know he’s not to be trusted.

Meanwhile, Mason finds Scott and hurts his hand to get him out of the hallucination. Malia and Lydia have survived too, but Liam and Hayden are gone. They’re in the Dread Doctor’s lab. Liam is on the ground while the villains operate on her Hayden. The teenagers aren’t the only ones in trouble this week. Melissa. Scott’s mother comes home to see a dead body on her kitchen table, much to her horror. The victim has a sword through her torso. Talk about suspense.

  • 8/10
    Strange Frequencies - 8/10


Another great episode that definitely had it’s great moments. I really enjoyed the conversations between Stiles and Theo because Theo is just so smooth, he knows exactly what to say and how to say it comes off as a genuinely nice character even though we know he’s not to be trusted. His conversation with Stiles was totally on point and I liked how Stiles refuses to trust Theo, despite all his charms.

I also like how Kira is finally getting a storyline of her own and one which hasn’t anything to do with Scott. Although it’s still a mystery as to what’s actually happening with Kira, it’s still an interesting take on her and I like that. Although I have to say that the montage of Scott and Kira’s romantic moments could have been saved for another episode. Same is the case with Mason finding the other chimera. It wasn’t necessarily needed in this episode.

The episode also focused on Hayden and Liam’s story but I simply don’t care about it. They have no chemistry whatsoever and I’m not invested in what happens to them. Their storyline is boring but this is mostly because of Hayden, I’ve never personally had a problem with Liam if I’m entirely honest.

I still really enjoyed the hallucinations, even if this season keeps overdoing them. There’s so much gore and suspense that comes with them that I really don’t mind them after seeing them. I still think they should move on with it and try something fresh.

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