Arrow – Season 7 Episode 10


“My Name is Emiko Queen” Arrow returns from hiatus to formally introduce the newest addition to the cast and establish what could be a new status quo for the show. The final non-crossover episode ended with the revelation that the new Green Arrow is none other than a child of Robert Queen. Long lost siblings…

Supergirl – Season 4 Episode 10


“Suspicious Minds” Supergirl returns from hiatus to explore Kara’s recent dismissal from the DEO and the impact this has on the show as a whole. Kara separating from the DEO is a massive shift for this show as she has been working with that organisation since the beginning. It offered her considerable resources and acts…

Outlander – Season 4 Episode 12


“Providence” Outlander focuses on Roger’s treatment at the hands of the Mohawk tribe as Brianna confronts Stephen Bonnet. I mentioned last week that this show has failed to correct the stated observation that fiction never tells stories from the perspective of the Native Americans and this episode does nothing to fix that issue. The narrative…

Supernatural – Season 14 Episode 10


“Nihilism” Supernatural returns from hiatus to deal with Michael’s repossession of Dean and his plan to unleash his army of monsters on an unsuspecting city. I said in my last review that the budget limitations this show has would likely prevent the visualisation of Michael’s monster army attacking a city and unfortunately I was right….

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 2 Episode 1


“Brother” Star Trek: Discovery returns for a second season with the introduction of a mystery that spans the galaxy and the appointment of a new Captain on a temporary basis. The return of this show is something I’ve been eagerly anticipating since the last season ended. Star Trek is my favourite franchise and I found…

The Flash – Season 5 Episode 10


“The Flash & The Furious” The Flash returns from hiatus with a Nora centric episode focusing on her learning that villainy isn’t as black and white as she first thought. Arguably most episodes so far this season have been Nora centric episodes but this is the first one that gives her a problem to solve…

Outlander – Season 4 Episode 11


“If Not for Hope” Outlander splits up the characters between the search for Roger and Brianna dealing with Jocasta’s attempts to find her a husband. There seems to be two types of Outlander episode at this point. The first -and most effective- is the character driven outings that let plot progression take a back seat…

Supernatural – Season 14 Episode 9


“The Spear” Supernatural closes out 2018 with the return of Michael and a ticking clock before his master plan begins. Castiel was given the location of Michael last week so Sam and Dean are bursting to take advantage of that to put an end to this threat permanently. To do this they need the right…

Outlander – Season 4 Episode 10


“The Deep Heart’s Core” Outlander clears up the misunderstandings that lead to some mistakes being made last week as Brianna makes an important decision. Another show that used to thrive on misunderstandings was Frasier; they were the basis of a large chunk of the episodes and were often used to set up hilarious situations that…



James Wan’s Aquaman follows on from Jason Momoa’s full introduction of the character in 2017’s Justice League to flesh him out with his own adventure. Nobody knows if there’s such a thing as a DC Extended Universe any more but that isn’t stopping Warner Brothers making films featuring those characters. Aquaman was already well into production by the…